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Harry Potter has long been a favorite brand by many people. From children, teenagers and adults, when it comes to everyone, it is known that this is a famous character in the series of the same name.
Until the series of games that players will be immersive into their favorite characters. Harry Potter Wizard Unite is one of those titles. This is the latest game on the mobile platform.
Harry Potter Wizard Unite is an augmented reality game (AR). This game will ask you to move and interact with the designated points in the game. Harry Potter Wizard Unite works the same way as Pokemon Go.
You have to fight monsters and dark magicians, collect magic items, make medicine ... 
Whether you're starting out or playing for a while, check out the Harry Potter Wizard Unite tutorial below this article.
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Guide to playing Harry Potter Wizard Unite

Traces, Foundables, and Confoundables

Map Harry Potter
In Harry Potter Wizard Unite, the player's main task is to prevent the Witch's World magic from entering the Muggle world , and you do this by finding things called Foundables .
When entering the game, specifically in the map as shown in the picture, you will see points like the Blue House, the Inn or the Fort based on real locations around you. Also you can see icons with different colors and shapes.
These icons are called Traces and they can contain Foundables . When you click on Traces, you will open the battle screen with the enemy or rescue certain characters and join your first battle.
When you start on Traces, you will be instructed to turn the camera to the area where the character called Confoundables is there with three stars attached to TAP. Move the 3 stars between the characters and click to start playing.
Right after that there will be a blue and white icon on the screen, you must draw this symbol according to the instructions with the starting point as a circle and end with the arrow. Note that you have to draw quickly to rescue Confoundables. When completed, you will receive rewards and experience points.


Tower of Fortresses HPWU
Also known as Fortress , you can see from afar on the map because they are very large. This is considered a challenge for gamers because in the Fortress contains many dangerous enemies controlled by AI.
Each Fortress has up to 20 floors and has increasing difficulty on each floor, some floors even require a level. You can ask someone in your group to qualify if you haven't leveled enough to enter that level. Last night your team will get 5 people.
Select HPWU Fortresses
To enter the fortress and fight, you will need Runicles , in addition you will need many Runestones to enter different floors. Runicles can be found through quests and find Foundables on the map.
Select HPWU Fortresses
To defeat the floors in the Fortress, you need to defeat all enemies there before the specified time runs out. If you run out of time, or run out of blood in battle, you and your team will lose. The way to play is still to draw in the direction of the arrow but it will be a bit more difficult.


Inns Harry Potter
Also called " Inn ", if you've ever played Pokemon Go then Inns will be like Pokestop . They often appear on the map in the form of small buildings with colors like Brown, Pink, Green ... Wanting to enter the Inn you have to get close and touch them.
Once inside the Inn you can receive Spell Energy, which is the main resource you need to be able to use magic. These inns correspond to real locations, you can click on it to see which building it is.
Foods Harry Potter Wizard Unite
Once in the Inn, you will draw a picture following the instructions to activate the Inn. The system will then select a random dish. When you open the food cover, you will be awarded the Spell Energy reward.


Magizoologists Harry Potter Wizard Unite
You will have 3 options for three different magic professions when you reach a certain level (usually level 6). You can choose the Spirit of Light (Auror) , the Researcher of Magical Creatures (Magizoologists) or Professor (Professor) - Each career will give you unique skills and abilities in your journey.
  • Auror : Has the highest damage ability in the game but doesn't have much defense or magic support. Auror against the most effective Dark Forces enemy.
  • Magizoologist: This is a strong job of protection, possessing high HP and powerful magic support. Outstanding magizooologist in the ability to resist monsters (Beats).
  • Professor: This is a hybrid class between one of the two professions mentioned above. The professor is best suited to fight curious enemies (Curiosities).
When battling an enemy at the Fortress, you can follow the team and should combine with someone with a different profession to you, so you will increase your ability to attack more widely to use in a battle.


Potions Harry Potter Wizard Unite
You must reach level 4 to be able to unlock Potions to dispense the medicine. If you play continuously for a period of time, it won't take too long to reach this level.
Potions Harry Potter Wizard Unite
To create a Potions, you need different components. You can find ingredients for Potions around the map when you play. There are ingredients you can pick up while walking around the map, there are also components you need to do new tasks that you can have. Or simply use the money to buy the rest.
Each Potions created will have a different effect, such as improving the ability to use magic, increase experience, restore blood ... Reserve and use appropriately in all cases.
Here are a few small guidelines when you are just starting to play the Harry Potter Wizard Unite, generally speaking the Harry Potter Wizard Unite is quite simple and not too complicated to get used to.
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