How to change the 3uTools interface with your own wallpaper

    3uTools in addition to the tools to upgrade iOS version, download applications, music, videos, create ringtones, convert video, backup data ... then 3uTools also has other small settings to help the interface get rid of bored.
    You can change the color for the look of 3uTools, but you can also use your wallpaper as an interface for 3uTools. Please see the instructions below to change the 3uTools interface.
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    Instructions for using your own wallpaper as a 3uTools interface

    Step 1: First in the 3uTools interface, click the shirt picture.
    Click change interface
    Next step, click Edit .
    Select Edit interface
    Then click Reselect image.
    Choose a background image
    Next, select the path to your wallpaper and click Open> then click Done.
    Select wallpaper as interface
    Now, your interface has been changed according to the selected wallpaper, if you find it difficult to see the content on 3uTools, please change the color of the text to black or white. This setting is also in the Select picture interface .
    3uTools wallpaper interface
    Still knowing that interface changes are not the main feature of 3uTools, but if you want something different and less boring, change the 3uTools interface to your wallpaper.

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