Instructions for turning on Samsung phone night mode running Android 9

Turn on Samsung phone night mode using Android 9 operating system, you can try now. Android 9 operating system with One UI interface has been introduced by Samsung since the end of 2018. There are many improvements along with this interface, such as simple design, gesture navigation, easy operation on the screen. big ... among them Night mode has received a lot of attention from users. That's the support with Samsung Android 9 phones , but what about the customers? Do not worry, because there are ways to help you experience this feature, please follow it.

Night mode (Night mode) is built on Android OS Smartphone 9 Pie, the ability to change the entire system background to black. Similar to Dark Mode, the main purpose of night mode on Galaxy is to help users have a better phone experience, more comfortable when using night equipment without eye strain. Assuming that, Night mode brings a black interface to help Samsung's AMOLED screen work better, but there is still a lot of controversy around this issue.
Turn on darkmode interface for samsung phones
Interface of system apps after turning on night mode on Samsung Android 9 phones

Activate night mode for Samsung Galaxy platform Android 9

Currently, the night screen interface of Night Mode (Night mode) is always available on Samsung smartphone devices using Android 9. You can check the current Android version on your phone by go to Settings => Phone information . And also do not forget to check if the smartphone is eligible to upgrade to Android 9, usually the old high-profile phones are still in the list of the latest Android updates.
If you find eligible, activate the dark interface for your phone now, do the following:
Step 1 : On the phone screen, go to Settings (Settings) => find and click the Display item (Display).
Step 2 : You can find the Night mode option (> Night mode) => then activate it via the side button (as shown below).
Turn on darkmode interface for samsung phones
If you do not work, the default night mode feature will be activated automatically in the evening and turned off the next morning. You can set the time turn on night mode Samsung phone , or turn it off by pressing the Night mode (Night mode). There will be some options to support users such as:
  • Turn right (Turn on now)
  • Turn the calendar (Turn on as scheduled): Here we have two options, one is to dawn Sunset (Sunset to sunrise) in the time zone automatically. Two are Custom Schedules that allow us to choose the turn-on time and end of Night mode.
Turn on darkmode interface for samsung phones

Fix the error of not turning on night mode

Although less likely, in some cases users turn on night mode Samsung phones fail and an error message saying "Cannot use Night mode with high contrast font" appears . If you encounter this situation, handle the following:
Step 1 : On the Samsung phone screen, you access the Settings => drag down and click Support .
Step 2 : In the window with the new interface, choose Improve visibility => a new window appears with options, turn off the High-contrast Font option (as shown below).
Turn on darkmode interface for samsung phones
After you follow these steps, go back and try activating the night mode on your phone and check the results. It'll work!

Experience the night screen like Android 9 on low-end Samsung devices

If you are using Samsung phones with an Android OS version lower than 9 such as Android 8.1 or Android Nougat, you still have a chance to experience the black screen interface. This is due to changing the black theme with the One UI application icon set shared by the developer, this app is called Night Theme OREO V4 . You note, this application is for reference only and certainly the experience will not be as mainstream.
Turn on darkmode interface for samsung phones
If you still want to continue using the Night Theme OREO V4, follow the instructions below.
Step 1 . First, you need to download OREO V4 Night Theme - a tool containing themes, dark icons.
Step 2 . Next, if your phone has theme installed, it should be deleted, then open the Samsung Themes app. Let the application run in the background, this is an important step required by the developer. Finally, you have to install the downloaded theme file.
Step 3 . After the installation has completed, you re-open the Samsung Themes => application then access My Theme => find NIGHTHEME => then activate via the Start Trial option .
Rest assured, called Trial but will be used almost permanently. This only stops when Samsung changes the policy of using free themes.
Turn on darkmode interface for samsung phones
Step 4 . Start rebooting your phone and check for new interface changes.
Smartphone when equipped with the Night Theme OREO V4 theme will give you a black interface across the system, and the entire application default. In addition, application icons and navigation bars are copied in the same way as on the One UI interface. While the notification center will display a blue icon, the notification bars for the system will be rounded by 4 corners.
Turn on darkmode interface for samsung phones
As a theme, there won't be any other features provided. All just put the interface to black like One UI.
You note, learn carefully before proceeding to install a theme for your phone because this is a bit complicated and requires specific instructions, not to mention that there may be errors when installing.


So now you know how to turn on Samsung night mode on Android 9 phone platform and One UI interface. In addition to the recommended way, you can quickly turn on / off Night mode through the phone's control center with this latest Android operating system.
Not only Android 9 phone users, but lower-end Samsung Android phones also have a chance to experience the black screen mode (Night mode). Night Mode is very useful for us, especially for those who have to work regularly with mobile devices.
Hopefully the article will be useful to you, but you can also refer to another Samsung-related trick that is quite useful, which is how to check the IMEI number on Samsung .
Good luck!
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