How to transfer files from PC to iPhone with SendHub

To transfer files from computer to iPhone now does not need to cable or iTunes, when there have been many applications that support data transfer together with many useful features. Most to send files from a computer, users have to install software on the computer, but for SendHub, the conversion method is much simpler.

Users only need to install the SendHub application on the iPhone / iPad to be able to receive any data transferred from the computer. SendHub does not limit the file format and can transfer up to 100MB files at maximum. Speed ​​of transferring and receiving files is fast, uninterrupted. The following article will guide you how to use SendHub to transfer files from your computer to an iOS device.

Instructions for sending files from PC to iPhone

Step 1:

Users download SendHub application for iOS device according to the link below.

Download the SendHub app for iOS
At the application interface displays the icon for the user to scan the QR code, connect the phone to the computer.
Application notifications Application interface
Application notifications Application interface

Step 2:

On the user's computer, access the link below and at this interface, we will see the QR code and code below to connect.

Connection code
Connection code

Step 3:

At the application interface on the phone, users proceed to scan the QR code , or enter the code when clicking the Enter Binding Code Manually. When the connection is successful, it will display the interface to receive and download files from the incoming computer.

Access the camera Interface to receive and download files
Access the camera Interface to receive and download files

Step 4:

At the SendHub interface on the computer we download the file or link we want to transfer. We drag and drop the file into the interface, if we send the link, paste it into the white frame. The upload process on SendHub takes place immediately after.

Send file to SendHub
Send file to SendHub

Step 5:

When successfully uploading data to the system, the user will see the Received File interface displayed. Here you will see information about the file and the URL sharing link.
File information

To transfer data to iPhone we click on Send to phone .

Transfer files to phone

Step 6:

Then on SendHub application, users press Tap refresh to reload the application and see the file downloaded in the Downloads section . When downloading is complete, click on the Files section to view the files received from the computer.

Downloads Files section

Step 7:

At the list of files the user clicks on the dot icon and displays the options interface for the file. Users can change the file name, share the file to save it to File, iCloud or other iOS device via AirDrop.

File options Choose a sharing place Save to device

Step 8:

To stop the connection between the computer and the phone, at the SendHub interface the user computer clicks Change device and then press OK to stop. Each connection will have different QR codes and codes.

Stop the connection

So transferring data from computer to phone using SendHub application is very simple. We do not need to install software on the computer, but just need to install SendHub for iOS device is finished. The connection process is performed when scanning a QR code or entering a successful code.

I wish you all success!
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