How to turn on mono sound for AirPods on iPhone / iPad

Mono sound is a sound produced by a single sound source and the sound source is in a fixed position, different from stereo sound when there are 2 separate channels for the left and right ears. When you use AirPods, you should use mono sound to hear the same left and right ears, in case we can only hear one ear of AirPods. Turning on mono sound for AirPods also helps users not miss any important tunes, sounds from the song or the content being played. The following article will guide you how to enable mono sound on AirPods.

Instructions for enabling mono audio on AirPods

Step 1:

Users need to pair AirPods with iPhone or iPad device. Click Settings to proceed with the setup.

Access Settings

Step 2:

Next, click on General and click Accessibility .

Access General Click Accessibility

If the iPhone / iPad is running iOS 13 , we will go to Settings> Accessibility> Audio / Visual.

On iOS 13 Change settings on iOS 13 Click Audio / Visual

Step 3:

Continue the user in the Accessibility interface with the Mono Audio section to enable mono audio for AirPods. We just need to move the horizontal bar from left to right to turn it on.

Users can separately increase the sound for each left ear and the right ear in the bar just below with the 2 ends of the left ear (L) and the right ear (R).

Mono Audio Turn on Mono Audio

Users should note that when mono audio is turned on, other audio devices connected to the iPhone and iPad will be affected. If you want to return to stereo, turn off this option.

After turning on mono mode on AirPods, when listening to music or sound, it will be more complete, because the sound of both headphones is the same.

I wish you all success!
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