How to use MixNote to create security notes on Android

The note application available on Android is simple and basic, there are no other options like adding images to notes. So many people often find and install other note-taking applicationssuch as MixNote.
This note application supports editing with rich content, not only regular text but also more images and sound recording. So the content of the notes is more detailed, but you do not need to add the text input to save the note. Note content in addition to saving to the device, the user has the option to backup to Google Drive to save important notes. The following article will guide you how to write notes on Android using MixNote.

Instructions for writing notes on MixNote

Step 1:
Users download the MixNote for Android application according to the link below. The interface of the application is displayed in Vietnamese and without ads, very easy to use.
To create a new note, click the red circle icon . Display interface to enter note content. Here users will have different icons to edit, including drawing pictures, inserting images, check box, live recording.
Application interface  Interface to enter notes
Step 2:
Click on the drawing board icon and get the application requesting permission to access data on the device. Then, click on the brush to select the color and size of the brush . When finished, press the Done button in the upper right corner.
Access data Select the color and the drawing size
Step 3:
The image insertion icon will show all images in the album on the device. Check box to compose notes according to list style and microphone icon to insert audio directly into notes.
You need to agree to the recording application on the device and then click the microphone icon to proceed with the recording. When the recording is finished press the time to stop.
Create list Allow recording Record directly
Step 4:
In the notes content interface, users click on the tag icon to attach a note tag, making it easier to sort or search notes.
A tip card is available from the app, if you want to add a new card , click the plus icon . Sri choose to tag want to use for notes.
Choose a tag Add new tag Save notes to the tag
Step 5:
Click on the lock icon to secure the notes on the application. The default protection mode of the application does not use passwords, PINs or fingerprints. When the note is locked, users simply need to shake the device to the left or right to hide the note. The app automatically saves notes without you having to press save.
Going back to the interface will show newly edited notes.
Lock notes Show notes
Step 6:
Notes on the MixNote application are categorized by content , if you want to see drawings and images, click on the image icon, listen to the recording again, then click the microphone icon on the interface.
Review the sound Review the image
Step 7:
Click on each note to edit the content, click on the 3 dots icon to get some options for the application.
Optional notes Share notes
Step 8:
Go back to the main interface and click on the 3 dash icon and select the gear icon to change the settings for the application. Display interface with options for notes.
Application list Setup options
  • Cloud sync: Back up notes to your Google Drive account. Then the application displays the Google account you are using on the device to proceed with the sync.
  • Restore note: A path is available to retrieve the note.
  • Local backup: Extract notes to device memory. There are also links available.
  • Protect: Choose to add a security form for notes other than shaking to hide, displaying notes. Get secure with fingerprints and use the AppLock app from MixNote maker.
  • Font size: Option to change the font size displayed.
  • Call recording: Shake device to record voice.
Choose security mode Select the font size
So you already have a notepad that allows you to add more content to your notes, including audio recording. MixNote has a very unique note security program, shake the device to hide and display the note again. The notes management section is also varied, taking notes by type of content for easy search.
I wish you all success!
About My name is Nguyen Manh Cuong. I was born in a poor village in Ba Vi district, HA NOI province - windy and sunny land. Currently. Mr Cuong.
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