Instructions for using the text reading feature on Foxit Reader

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In the previous article, I had the opportunity to introduce you to software for reading texts for the blind in Vietnamese. And to expand on that topic, at the same time, so that you who are in need of learning English can approach and learn better then .
Today I will continue to introduce to you a pretty interesting feature built into Foxit Reader (PDF reader) that we still use on computers. It is the ability to read text by voice (very good English language support).
This is not very useful for most of us, but it will be very helpful for you who are learning to listen and speak English.
Especially for the visually impaired, when the form of learning by letters is not effective, learning to listen and speaking is the only and effective transmission method for you.
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How to use the voice reading tool on Foxit Reader?

+ Step 1: First, you need to install Foxit Reader software on your computer first.
=> If you do not have this software on your computer, you can go here to download and see more details about this software!
+ Step 2: Next, open the English PDF file you want to listen to => and select View => then click continue Read (speaker icon) => here you will have 2 options:
  • Read Curent Page: Read the current page.
  • Read form Curent Page: Read the full file starting from the current page to the last page.
foxit-reader-doc-van-ban-bang-like-on-foxit-reader (1)

+ Step 3: Click here Rate As shown in the picture to select / increase / decrease the reading speed of Foxit Reader, you choose to just listen, and understand it.
foxit-reader-doc-van-ban-bang-like-on-foxit-reader (2)

+ Step 4: Then you do the same in the section Volume to adjust Foxit Reader volume when reading.
fox-reading-fox-reading-fox-reading-foxit-reader (3)

+ Step 5: With tools Pause You can pause and re-enable text reading at any time you want.
foxit-reader-doc-van-ban-bang-like-on-foxit-reader (4)

+ Step 6: To turn off the reading feature, you just need to click on the button Stop in Read is OK.
foxit-reader-doc-van-ban-bang-like-on-foxit-reader (5)

So I just finished teaching you how to set up and use the feature to read text on PDF by voice. Hopefully this feature will be useful for your English learning.
And here, the article instructing to use the voice reading tool on Foxit Reader is also pleased to end. Hopefully with this little tip will be helpful to you.
Good luck !
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