3 mistakes to avoid in student life

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Student life is definitely still a never-ending topic. Because it is a really important time in life and it will shape the capacity of each individual.
It is also the time when we have a great change in awareness, no longer keep the innocence of the high school days, but also not mature enough to deal with complex problems between a society. vast, busy.
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If you are a loyal reader of the blog and have been with us all the time, you probably read through the article. ” 5 Must Must Try When Becoming A Student "And then right?
And in today's article, invite you to join us to explore student life in a new direction. We will not focus too much on what you should do, but will focus on the wrong ideas that most new students have.
Come on, let's come with 3 mistakes to avoid during student time!
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#first. Only Learning Knowledge Through Textbooks

This is an extremely common mistake made by most freshmen. You absorb the lesson passively, namely learning is only encapsulated in dry, boring textbooks.
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Perhaps this mistake stems from a high school habit that you still stick with school. By that day, the central knowledge was primarily contained in textbooks. This is both a convenience, but also one of the reasons for the creation of passivity, laziness to explore creativity of students today.
Such one-way acquisition brings a lot of inadequacies. Because the content of the subjects is really very large and complex, but they cannot put all that knowledge into books. Therefore, to fit the size of the textbook / curriculum, the knowledge in your book is only a summary in the most basic direction only.
Therefore, if you only focus on the content in books, the knowledge you receive is not only not worth much, but also very vague and confusing!
Be proactive in your studies, do not hesitate to delve into an issue you are interested in. We have a lot of supportive facilities, which help promote the maximum creativity without having to rely on books.
Learn new aspects of the lesson via the internet, the university's library or the upper-level students ... Surely there will be some really interesting knowledge that I assure you will never cover. Now found in these boring old textbooks!
Moreover, in the process of self-research, we will gradually develop a progressive attitude, enthusiasm without difficulty and a passion for new things - things that will be really useful later on. school of life.
So don't just acquire one-dimensional knowledge, but always take the initiative to learn from other diverse media!

#2. Compulsive Learning Within School District

Similar to passive learning, many students consider the university truly a school in its own right. This means that the accumulation of knowledge is only conducted within the school.
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Every morning, you lift yourself up, lazily to the lecture hall. Day after day, he trudged back to his inn in a pathetic manner, and the next morning continued the days of monotonous and tired.
Have you ever yearned to explore all the nooks and crannies of this beautiful city - where in the days to go to school, you pass by absently?
There is so much to learn in this life, and you will never know how beautiful it is, unless you step outside and learn about them. Lessons learned from love life, love people, will be the first toddler experience - marking your maturity little by little.
Step out of the school environment, immerse yourself in daily life and feel their miraculous transformation. Then you will find that the knowledge that the school imparts to us will never be enough, unless they are accomplished by the comprehensive understanding of social life.
Therefore, please unleash waving large seas. Print your footprints on every road, every alley and take advantage of the new experiences and knowledge they bring!

# 3. Too Focused Degree

Another extremely fatal mistake that students make, that is the default to attend university to get a degree. Yes, exactly.
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You, at all costs, go to a famous and expensive university, not because of a passionate love at all, but only the concept of graduation, earning a degree to apply for a smooth and convenient job. And ... over!
Until now, you still hold on to a strong belief that having a university degree is going to get a job. Mistake ! A university degree is only a testament to the level of education, but does not completely show the skills and experience of any individual.
But employers are very demanding about the seasoning as well as the soft skills related to the career we pursue. So the students who graduate from college, hold a degree and pat their chest as self-talented - in fact, nothing can be done at all.
What I mentioned above is not unfounded. The rate of unemployed graduates skyrocketed year by year, which is a clear evidence that your degree will not contribute much when competing for a job.
So accept knowledge with all your heart, constantly enriching yourself through truly valuable experiences and skills!
Hopefully this article will partly erase the wrong thinking of each person about the university environment. I wish you steady steps on the journey of his life.
Do not forget to share with us the interesting experiences you have gained during training. See you again !
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