5 must-try things when trying to become a student

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If you've ever gone through a beautiful white shirt, through the hard days of books, and through an intense "survival" exam - then it's time for us to officially turn to a page new life: Become a real new student.
This is probably the most beautiful time in human life, the period in which you are holding almost everything: Time, health and enthusiasm.
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Therefore, learn how to make the most of them. Student life will of course be a lot different from the days without high school worries.
Difficulties, freedoms and interesting new things are always present every day.
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I think you will not want to miss any moment to make the student years meaningful 🙂
So in today's article, let us come up with certain things to try when you become a college student. Let's get started!

#first. Participation In Social Work

As I mentioned, student life is a time when people are full of enthusiasm and desire to share. So, what are we still hesitating about not participating in so many healthy and rewarding activities?
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Participating in collective movements gives you the opportunity to interact with a new environment and work with enthusiastic, trustworthy people. Not only that, they also help you feel more confident, more stable when expressing your opinion in front of the crowd!
You absolutely can try yourself through the work of environmental protection, team games, and especially volunteering. Learn to give and feel the happiness after sending your full love!

#2. Learn How to Manage Spending

University environment is a completely new life in which you have to do everything by yourself, from accommodation to clothing, ...
It is generally independent!
Therefore, if you do not know how to spend properly, student life will be an obsession for you, before the end of the month, the money has come together 🙂
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There are many close lives in this life worth learning. Learn how mom takes care of life - from the smallest things. Be meticulous in spending and strongly say NO to unnecessary needs.
You may struggle at first to handle so many concerns, because you are surrounded by family.
But spending management skills are something that anyone - especially students, must have to make life less burdensome and harsh.
And when finance is no longer a big concern for you, it means you have taken a big step on the journey to train yourself!

# 3. Find A Part-Time Job

Find a part-time job, Part-time job to pursue, the better it is related to the field of study.
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You can not only reduce the economic burden through income from them, but also gain experience for the official job in the future too!
If you learn about marketing or marketing, try to be a salesperson for a product ...
If you dream of becoming a journalist, contact to work as a contributor for the newsroom, write a blog, or do whatever works for the job. This is great, isn't it?
But even if you are in the wrong field, or in the right field but have not received a salary, what I want to emphasize is the extremely rewarding experience we get in the process.
No matter how ragged you may be, learn to accept and selectively acquire. Remember, patience is the key to help you stand before the storm of life.

# 4. There is a Breakthrough in Appearance

After spending many months in high school books, the student life is an ideal time for you to care and take care of your appearance!
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Changing your appearance is also looking at yourself in a new way - fresher and younger.
Try changing your hair color, using lipstick or whatever makes you feel most confident in the face of others, even
You absolutely can "rebel" within limits if you want.
Enlist doing crazy things, because young people don't see them twice! Then there will be a day when those passionate years are over, you will see the trouble before a whole day of nostalgia of the memory domain ...

# 5. Love Sick

Exactly ! Try being lovelorn once in your life.
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We are all young children - children who always crave sweet tasting, but forget bitterness. And the bitterness of love is always considered to be the most beautiful sorrow of humanity.
Let's date someone. Just love your best! And when the affair is broken (mostly broken), keep grieving.
Get rid of your mind in that moment and feel the pain - the pain that you will find later funny and stupid yourself 🙂
So, hopefully through today's article, you will see student life in a more positive and new way. I wish you all the sweet and the painful in the best part of your life.
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