Deleting user profiles on Windows 10

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Windows 10 is a great operating system, with only one operating system, one computer, we can create a lot of user profiles (User) for many other separate users.
However, in some cases the operating system encounters an error, it is imperative to delete any user profile to be able to easily reset the entire system, making fixing errors easy, fast and secure. more secure.
So what is user profile? How to delete them without deleting the wrong account? Invite you to find out the details in this article!
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I. What is user profile?

A user profile is a collection of files and directories that store any user's personal data, these files are stored at the path. C: / Users.
The user profile that creates the environment can be personalized with countless options for each user, and if the user profile has been corrupted, some parts of the Windows 10 system will also fail accordingly, so You need to take care to avoid causing system-wide errors.
And note that to follow the instructions in this article, you need to have an Administrator account to have full operation rights!

II. How to delete user profiles on Windows 10

We have two ways to delete that: use System Management and use Registry Editor. I will turn into detailed instructions shortly, you can choose any way.

#first. Delete user profiles using System Management (recommended)

+ Step 1: You open the Run dialog box with the key combination Windows + R up => and enter the command line SystemPropertiesAdvanced => okay ENTER to open the window System Properties.
windows-driver-driver-on-content-on-windows-10 (1)

Or You can also open manually by right-clicking This PC => select Properties. In the new window => you select the line Advanced system settings then open the window System Management as above.
windows-driver-driver-on-content-on-windows-10 (2)

+ Step 2: In the window System Properties hey, go to the tab Advanced Settings then select User Profile to view and manage user profiles available on the computer.
If you use the command in a Windows Run window, this step is not necessary.
windows-driver-driver-on-content-on-windows-10 (3)

+ Step 3: Here, you can view the user profiles available on the computer you are using.
To delete any profile - except the default profile and Administrator profile, click the profile you want to delete => and press Delete.
In the picture I can not delete the selected profile because it is the Administrator profile and is currently using, and other user profiles can be deleted as usual => Then confirm the deletion is complete, very simple come on.
windows-driver-driver-on-windows-10 (4)

#2. Delete the user profile using Registry Editor

Note: Correcting the Registry incorrectly is very easy to cause errors for the entire Windows system, causing you to reinstall the operating system, lose data and take time, so you need to back up the Registry before proceeding!
+ Step 1: You use the Windows Run window (Windows + R) => and enter regedit => then ENTER.
windows-driver-driver-on-content-on-windows-10 (5)

+ Step 2: You access the directory ProfileList in the Registry by going to the manual. Or copy => and paste this link in the address box and then ENTER (if you are using Windows 10):
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows NT CurrentVersion ProfileList
In this folder, click on the long-named folders as we highlight in the image.
=> Then check the lock ProfileImagePath, see section value (Data) yes exactly the directory name of the user profile you want to delete (C:/Users/*) or not.
Usually the following folder name C: Users will match the user profile name always.
If you are not sure, you can go straight to the directory C:Users to check for sure. Remember to determine it carefully because deleting it can cause an error and force you to reinstall your operating system!
windows-driver-driver-on-content-on-windows-10 (6)

+ Step 3: If you have identified the correct user profile folder in Registry => right-click on it => and select Delete is done!
windows-driver-driver-on-content-on-windows-10 (7)

If you want to delete all user profiles on your computer, delete the folders included C:Users and then come back here and delete all the corresponding folders.

III. Epilogue

With just two simple ways and a few steps, you can delete user profile on Windows operating system very quickly already.
However, I also encourage you to follow instructions one way rather than two because it is less risky, and if not used to using the Registry, it should not be used because it is easy to cause errors.
Hope this article will be helpful for you, wish you success!
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