Ecommerce trends you should follow

Ecommerce trends you should follow - There is no industry that is growing as fast as e-commerce. Expected to grow to $ 1.2 trillion by 2021, this urges merchants toward digital transformation. E-commerce is constantly evolving because it is becoming a new standard for American businesses.

There is a bright future ahead of E-commerce. But it also comes with some major changes. As we have understood in the last 5 years, nothing is permanent every change happens to know that. Therefore, it is important to try your best, keeping up with the most important trends. They will affect business owners and consumers.

2019 is another year that will bring changes to the industry. Although it is impossible to know exactly what they will be. So there should be a speculative view of what lies ahead. What opportunities or challenges are there in the e-commerce industry?

Brick and mortar store will change


It is a fact that more than half of the US population wants to shop online. This is especially true with millennials. While nothing will fit online shopping offers, nothing compares to personal experiences. That's why online brands will merge with traditional stores in a rare way.

These stores will have their business deals originating from the digital world and they will also have physical deals. This is where the brand showcases products that hold demos and events and other experiences. Customers will not be able to buy their products there. It is for local consumers as a place to receive and return the products they have purchased.

These stores will not only retail, but they will focus on customer experience and convenience. A brand called Frank and Oak has opened 16 stores across North America. The store includes a number of outstanding high-class coffee drinking services and a hair salon. You can also try their work or just read a magazine. Other clothing stores open different stores, but focus heavily on trials, sewing and having stylists around to help.

We will have better logistics and shipping much faster

We had a day or two thanks to Amazon. They have become the king of e-commerce product delivery and they will remain there in the future. They also created an Amazon Key, a device that allows Amazon delivery staff to access your door once. The job is to drop the package behind your door without going inside. They are constantly monitored by a camera located at your front door, so it's safe and secure in every way.

Reducing the time it takes for a product to arrive at your home after you click through will be the goal of e-commerce.

Realistic expansion

Until now, you just wondered what your new furniture will look like in your living room. With augmented reality, you only need to take out your smartphone and look. Customers will see exactly what an object looks like in their home space.

Houzz's application is a great example of this. It allows you to walk around your home and place different products in different corners of it in the virtual world. You can choose from a range of 500,000 product images. The app has a million users who are more likely to make a purchase, because they know exactly what it will bring them. Amazon did the same thing. They have implemented augmented reality to allow users to see what thousands of products will look like in their homes.

More testing will be done from mobile phones than desktops


We view products and innovations on our mobile phones, Buying items with simplified mobile payment technology is extremely easy. Thanks to fingerprint and face recognition, more and more transactions are being made from mobile phones. Mobile payment systems have become more secure, while Google, Apple and Samsung are also pushing their payment technologies.

Because phones are with us wherever you go, mobile payments will be the standard for retail purchases. About 70% of traffic comes from mobile devices.

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More integration on Bots

Chat bots have been widely used because they make things easier. You will be surprised by Google's chat bot. You do not realize you are talking to the device. The growth of chat bots will not stop and they will only be increasingly integrated into e-commerce. It has been implemented as a product recommendation tool, improving search, customer service and more. Facebook gives retailers bot and chat tools that allow them to use it as a conversation agent in the Facebook manager. Bots will only become more useful and sophisticated, dealing with very complex tasks.

The voice will play a bigger role


Voice search has integrated forever into mobile phones. It will soon become the leading engine of e-commerce innovation and will accelerate the changing of SEO tactics. The adoption of Google's Home and Echo Home units has been great voice search drivers in the commercial space. About 24% of commercial consumers have all kinds of smart voice devices. Along with 20% more people plan to buy one next year. Using these devices to make purchases is also popular because 19% of consumers own one that performs this function. In addition, users who use Echo to purchase also become Amazon's most loyal customers.

There will be more store apps

It is clear that mobile e-commerce is still here, and gradually moves from desktop to mobile. This change will go even further this year, with brands developing their own stores. Big retailers like Amazon and eBay have their own apps over the years and users have gotten used to them. Having a dedicated store to browse the store's items from a mobile device is the best way. That's why much smaller businesses create store apps to earn more revenue and customer loyalty.

Research online, buy offline


This trend among customers has been observed for a long time. When shoppers research an online product then search for a local store, it ends up making a purchase within the next 24 hours. Consumers love researching their product and buying it from online sources as it allows them to get it for the best price. ROPO also helps make extremely accurate offline conversion tracking proven to be effective. About 82% of customers use their mobile devices to search for local businesses.

Search for images

Searching for images will be popular. When you see a jacket in a retail store but you find it too expensive so you take a picture of it and see if it is available elsewhere for a lower price. You will find some types of furniture to be too expensive. You will also take that picture and eBay's image search will show if someone uploads the same product.

Trade is gradually turning to mobile and it has started a new trend. Companies will soon have the option to visually search for products by taking your own photos or using photos you've found online. Search by image and voice will account for about 50% of total searches by 2020.

Because searching will give customers the opportunity to find similar products at lower prices, they are more likely to shop online even when they enter an actual store.

Pinterest has image search functions. You zoom in on an object in an image and find other objects in a few clicks.

Answer questions via product video


When users look at an online product, they have the same question about the function and quality of a retail store. To become a candidate in e-commerce, you will have to answer their questions digitally as quickly and comprehensively as possible. One of the easiest ways to do that is through a product video.

A high quality video of product functionality and design is the best way to sell your product. You attract the best emotions of potential customers and will persuade easier than writing. It's a way for customers to understand the product and make purchases, even though they have never seen it in a store.

Social shopping

Both Instagram and Pinterest let merchants show their products to customers without them realizing it. Soon, the media will become a great landscape for retailers to create purchasing scenarios. They will recommend products through the applications that customers spend the most time.

Users will look at a picture and click on some part of it. This will bring up a modal window to help them make purchases without having to leave the mass media story or switch between apps. It will work smoothly.

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain


Both will be major contributors to e-commerce. They have utilities like advanced transaction security and eliminating payment frauds. Both have not won the trust of everyone. Decentralized currencies still have a great opportunity to revolutionize the e-commerce industry.


There are changes but appropriate. We will take steps that are beneficial to the business. Thinking ahead and see how it will apply to the latest trends in an ever-changing industry will certainly be beneficial.

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