Error You must specify "offers" "review" or "aggregateRating" searchconsole

    Error Must specify "offers" "review" or "aggregateRating"

    Hi, Currently, many websites made by ad make customers reflect that google send gmail Error message Must specify offers, review or aggregateRating, send statistics to me, so today the blog community is writing this article. show you guys,

    Error Must specify
    Error Must specify "offers", "review" or "aggregateRating"

    This error it sends notice via gmail, and you can up website master tools check it will show your information, your task is to fix it

    Error Must specify
    Error Must specify "offers" "review" or "aggregateRating"

    Cause of error: Must specify "offers" "review" or "aggregateRating"

    In fact, Woo has released a new version today with additional functionality for google to access his products, WooCommerce adds Schema function Automatic for products. This is a very useful feature.

    However, each person's product is different, it cannot be posted according to Schema standards, so this function depends on each person's needs. Therefore, the automatic Schema for products is not necessarily effective for that individual. So many websites I make or my customers are asking this problem, even I get pulled similarly, the most effective fixes turn it off and are not necessary.

    And my methods of applying below, you can refer and follow,

    HOW TO REMOVE Error Must specify "offers" "review" or "aggregateRating"

    function remove_output_structured_data() {
       remove_action( 'wp_footer', array( WC()->structured_data, 'output_structured_data' ), 10 ); // Frontend pages
       remove_action( 'woocommerce_email_order_details', array( WC()->structured_data, 'output_email_structured_data' ), 30 ); // Emails
    add_action( 'init', 'remove_output_structured_data' );

    You copy the code above to enter the theme's function.php, then you guys up website master tool (search console) to ask google to update it again,

    That's it, If you do not know the code or do not know how to fix it, leave a comment below, admin will ultraview guide or fix to help or ask your IT to fix it.

    I wish you success dentist !

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