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Are you having trouble posting comments on Blogger blogs? Does your comment get lost into void when you click the publish button? Chances are you might have experienced this issue and the good news is you are not alone. It has been at least over a year that many Blogger users are facing issue with posting comments on Blogger blogs. This issue has been notified to Blogger team, but unfortunately, it has not been sorted out yet. In this article, I will a solution that might help you work around this issue and let you post comments to Blogger blogs in peace. Read more to find out.

The common consensus among netizens in general is that Blogger is quite outdated. That’s a quite fair prejudice given that Blogger was launched in 1999 and Google was not really active or successful in keeping the platform updated to the demands of the time. The user experience in Blogger platform is also plagued with many pain points and limitations. One of the major pain point experienced by users is related to posting comments on Blogger.

When you click on “Publish” button in the comments box, either nothing happens or the comment just gets vanished! From my observation and according to information shared to Blogger users around the world on my twitter account, this issue is mostly experienced by users who use a Safari browser or an Apple device.

From what I can infer, the reason you are not able to publish comment is because:

  • Some modern web browsers block cross-site tracking which affect the proper functioning of Blogger’s commenting system. Since Blogger is tightly integrated with your Google account, if you are logged in to Google, you should also be able to post comments in any Blogger blogs without having to login again. This is done with the help of cookies which are getting blocked in some browsers and devices.

  • You are using an iOS device. It seems it is not possible to work around this issue in iOS devices – whether you are using Safari or any other browser.

To fix this issue, the only working solution is to allow cross-site tracking in your web browser settings. Let’s see how to allow cross-site tracking in some of the major browsers.

How to allow Cross-site tracking in Safari?

To allow cross-site tracking in Safari browser,

  1. Choose Safari > Preferences.

  2. Click Privacy,

  3. Uncheck “Prevent cross-site tracking”.

  4. Save the changes.
Refer these official guides for more details:

How to allow Cross-site tracking in Google Chrome?

To allow cross-site tracking in Google Chrome browser,

  1. Go to Settings > Privacy & Security > Site Settings > Cookies and site data.

  2. Make sure “Block third-party cookies” is disabled.

  3. Restart your browser to apply changes.
Refer this official guide for more details:

How to allow Cross-site tracking in Firefox?

To allow cross-site tracking in Firefox browser,

  1. Go to Options > Privacy & Security.

  2. Under Browser Privacy, select Custom and choose to block only cookies from unvisited websites.

  3. Restart the browser.
Refer this official guide for more details:

After making these changes, you should be able to post comments in Blogger blogs without any issues.

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Personally, I have never encountered any issue with posting comments on Blogger except in iOS devices. Many of the users who encounter this issue were using iOS devices. Anyways, until Blogger addresses this issue, this is the only work around.

Do you have trouble commenting on Blogger blogs? Did this article help you? Feel free to let us know in the comments or post in our Blogger Help Forum.

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