Google Stadia launches: Breakthrough but not perfect technology

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2019 seems to be the year with many breakthroughs in the gaming industry, when big players like Google, Apple, Sony and Miccrosoft step in to develop their new technologies.
And most notably this year is probably Google Stadia, a new gaming technology that hopes to change the way users play games.
Google Stadia has been launched, but there is still a lot to talk about. What are those issues? Invite you to join us to review in this article offline!
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#first. What is Google Stadia?

I've told you a few times about Google Stadia.
Basically, Google will give you a separate cloud storage, let you choose games and save on it, and when playing games, the Stadia server will help you process data in the cloud and the only thing Send to your computer the image and sound.
However, you will need to buy an additional Gamepad from Google to be able to play the game the best!
Google-Stadia-Stadia (1)

That is, your device will not need to directly handle the graphics of the game you require, but Google Stadia will do it for you. Your device only needs to bring information about your game operation to the cloud and Google Stadia will handle the operation, and download images and audio to play back for you, like watching movies online. .
Just listen, you all know the positive points that this technology can bring? You can play extreme games without huge configuration, play PC or Cosole games with a phone, experience great graphics quality, ... just need a stable network connection.

#2. Incomplete points of Google Stadia

Firstly: Connection problem!
Gooogle Stadia has said that users can access and play games on any Internet connection. However, users cannot connect to Stadia on mobile networks.
That means you still have to have a stable wifi or fiber optic cable to play the game. This is the point where Stadia loses the expected convenience.
The network speed required to play games best in 4K HDR and 5.1 surround sound is 100Mbps, 3 times the level recommended by Google. This network speed in Vietnam as at the present time is quite hard to find.
gia-Google-Stadia (3)

Monday: Still have to buy games
Google Stadia will provide you with a single available game, Destiny 2. Users still have to buy other games like Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Mortal Kombat 11, Assasin Creed Odyssey, ... at the same market price.
Tuesday: The experience is not good
Although your device only needs to download and display audio and images, the phenomenon of jerks, lag and sound distortion occurs quite often and frequently.
Game operation latency is there, but it can be called temporary. Lags or delays occur on every machine, with any configuration and Internet connection.
Finally: Extreme webbing
This means that Google Stadia will be difficult to implement on the mobile network platform. According to calculations, the connection to be able to play best with 4K resolution, with HDR, 60fps and 5.1 surround sound recommended by Stadia is 35Mbps, meaning you can lose up to several dozen GB of network capacity for 1 hour playing game.
If calculated according to the current 4G charges, you can lose up to hundreds of thousands of dong for 1 hour of game play. Of course, 5G will be cheaper, but it will still be expensive to play games!
Google-Family-Stadia (2)

=> However, say what we say we still need time to improve Google for this service. Because this is a new service, isn't it 😀 anyway

# 3. Conclude

This is a technology that will affect console sales or even the hardware of computers, and of course this is something that companies like Microsoft, Nintendo or Sony do not want.
However, as the picture just presented to you, Google Stadia is still incomplete. Google Stadia will be a competitor to Apple Arcade, but it looks a bit more competitive because Stadia's gaming quality promises to surpass Apple.
How do you feel about Google Stadia? Leave your comments below!
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