How to download and install Facebook Messenger on Windows 10

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Facebook Messenger is a leading popular messaging platform today, and it's undeniable that most of us use it every day.
On Windows, macOs and Linux operating systems, we can use the Web version of Messenger at messenger.com, and for mobile devices, you must use the Messenger app downloaded from the App Store or Play Store.
A few days ago Microsoft leaked information and redesigned interface for the application Facebook Messenger Beta.
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And now the app is entering a public beta. So in this article I would like to share you how to download Facebook Messenger Beta so you can experience it first!
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How to download and install Facebook Messenger on Windows 10

If you want to use the Facebook Messenger version on the Windows Store, you can completely search with keywords facebook messenger on the Windows Store app store to install it.
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Note : The Messenger app has a Beta version on the Windows 10 Store as I mentioned above, but it is not the new application I use to guide it, so if you want to install the new version, you must follow the instructions below. here.
+ Step 1: The first step is that you need to download the Messenger installation file, not directly on the Microsoft Store. You access the link below to download the file .appx about.
Download Link: Link Mega.nz / Backup Google Drive link
+ Step 2: Then you open the file .appx Just downloaded, remember to uncheck the section Launch when Ready => and then press Install to install.
And also remember that after the installation is complete, close the window instead of running the software immediately! Emphasize not to open !!
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+ Step 3: Next, open the File Explorer window (Windows + E) => and paste the link below.
Or Open the RUN dialog box (Windows + R) => and paste this link => then ENTER to access Messenger's installation directory.
In the installation directory, find the file Messenger.exe => right click => and then select Run as Administrator to run the program with permissions Administrator.
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You must run with permission Administrator it will work, the login window will appear for you => enter your account information => and press Login.
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+ Step 4: If you log in successfully, you will receive a notice of new features of the new Beta for Windows such as:
Will be updated continuously, support drag and drop and especially supports the dark background (DarkMode), choose Continue to close.
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In addition, it still has the functions of Web Messenger only, nothing outstanding, you should use it yourself to experience and give a rating because you are new to it.
Also in this article, I only show you how to turn it on Dark Mode on Messenger only!
Perform: At the main interface, click on the icon Settings to open settings => select section Appearance => finally click on the drop down menu and select Dark That's it, there's no need to restart the app and you can use it right away!
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So I have just detailed instructions with you How to install Facebook Messenger on Windows 10, the latest Beta version.
Hopefully, it will soon release the official version for you to download directly from the Microsoft Store store without complicated operations as above.
In addition, to not need to access the installation directory, you should also create Shortcut of Messenger.exe on Windows 10 Desktop for convenient opening (right-click => select Send to => select Desktop).
Hope this article will be helpful to you. Good luck !
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