Instructions on how to create a countdown timer in Excel

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Yes, in the previous article, I have detailed instructions for you how to create a countdown timer on PowerPoint Slide already. And as you all know, creating a countdown timer on the app when working will help us better control the time.
And in today's article I will share with you how to create a countdown timer in Excel in a very simple way. Help you set up your working hours correctly in Excel application, and remind you to rest in moderation.
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How to create a countdown timer in Excel

+ Step 1: First, open your Excel file. Here, click the cell you want to create a countdown timer.
how-to-get-a-night-excel-excel (1)

+ Step 2: Then right-click on that cell => and select Format Cells....
how-to-get-a-night-excel-excel (2)

+ Step 3: At the dialog box Format Cells, you select the tab Number => and select Time => then select the type of clock display you want => and then press OK to apply.
how-to-get-a-night-excel-excel (3)

+ Step 4: After setting the format for the cell, you enter the time value you need to count down.
Then at tab Home (item Font) => choose the font, font color, font size, and background color to display the clock to stand out or fit your usage.
how-to-get-a-night-excel-excel (4)

+ Step 5: Now open Developer tab => and select Visual Basic. Or you can quickly use keystrokes Alt + F11 to open the VBA code editor.
how-to-get-a-night-excel-excel (5)

+ Step 6: Here you click on Insert => and select Module.
how-to-get-a-night-excel-excel (6)

+ Step 7: Then Copy the following code ...
Dim gCount As Date
Sub Timer ()
gCount = Now + TimeValue ("00:00:01")
Application.OnTime gCount, "ResetTime"
End Sub
Sub ResetTime ()
Dim xRng As Range
Set xRng = Application.ActiveSheet.Range ("G2")
xRng.Value = xRng.Value - TimeSerial (0, 0, 1)
If xRng.Value <= 0 Then
MsgBox "Countdown complete."
Exit Sub
End If
Call Timer
End Sub
... and Paste into the Module1 window as shown below, and reset the position of the cell you have selected Bước 1 (instead G2 by position the cell you want to display the clock) => and then press Run as shown to run. Then turn off the dialog box Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications.
how-to-get-a-night-excel-excel (7)

+ Step 8: Then return to the Excel file to see the result. At this point, the VBA program has started to count down the time you set automatically.
how-to-get-a-night-excel-excel (8)

To keep this timeline displayed on the spreadsheet when you scroll down => click the cell below the timeline => and open the tab. View => select Freeze Panes => select Freeze Panes As shown to fixed rows.
how-to-get-a-night-excel-excel (9)

Okay, from now on, you can track the time on your spreadsheet at a fixed location. And after the countdown ends, the Microsoft Excel dialog box will display the message Countdown Complete as shown below.
how-to-get-a-night-excel-excel (10)

... To let you know your predefined working hours have ended, you should click OK to exit the dialog, and Save file again. Turn off the device to rest 😀
Here, the tutorial How to create a countdown timer in Excel? I also would like to pause. Hope this tip will be helpful to you.
Good luck !
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