Instructions on how to play Minecraft for newbies

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As I introduced in the previous article, Minecraft is a very hot game today. In recent times, many young people have chosen this game to entertain after stressful working and studying hours.

However, not all of you know all the features and how to play this game. Therefore, today I will present some basic ways to play for new players (in survival mode).

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After entering the game, you choose to play survival mode, name the world, ... .. Then you follow these steps to be able to survive well in this game mode.

#first. Wood collection

This is the first job that you must do when you start playing.

You harvest wood by holding your hand on the block of wood, after which the wood will fall out. Pick up the fallen timber and continue harvesting. Note that the more wood you can get, the better it is for many jobs.

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#2. Manufacturing workbench

After you have harvested the required amount of wood, go to the craft and create a desk. This is a very important tool, because we have to use it to create many other things. Raw materials for manufacturing workbench: 4 wooden planks.

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# 3. Manufacturing survival tools

If you already have a desk, next we will go to the stage of making survival tools.

Axe: Tools used to chop trees faster. Speed ​​fast or slow depending on the material to make the ax. Materials: 2 wooden sticks, 2 resource blocks (wood, iron, gold, stones, diamonds).

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Hoes: Tools to dig stone. Similar to the ax, the speed of digging and the durability of the hoe depend on the material. Materials: 2 wooden sticks, 3 resource blocks. Note, when mining, you should remember that a stone pickaxe can dig iron, an iron pickaxe can dig gold, diamonds, ....

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Sword: Used to attack prey and defend themselves when encountering mobs. Materials include: 1 wooden hometown, 2 resource blocks. The strength of the sword depends on the material that makes the sword.

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# 4. Find and exploit coal

Coal is an extremely important combustion material. When you start playing the game, you should mine coal as soon as possible.

=> The most effective way to get coal: Use a hoe to dig 3 blocks deep into the ground, then start to dig wider. This will help you find your body faster. In addition, you can find a row of cave, dig deep inside will find coal.

# 5. Find accommodation

When night comes, the longer monsters will appear and attack you. For that reason, you must search for a place to hide. There are two ways to shelter:

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Use the pre-mined blocks to build a temporary house. Use the building blocks around us, and build at least 3 blocks so that the mobs cannot attack you.

Or dig, find goods to shelter:

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If you haven't built your house before it's dark, it's best to find an existing cave, or dig yourself in to stay there until morning.

The trick is that at nightfall you should use a torch or a campfire set in surrender, because the light will scare the monsters.

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# 6. Search for food

Food will help us regain physical strength. New to the game, you should look for things like apples, meat, tubers…. It is better to look for a nearby village, since the villages are full of food.

Use sword to kill prey for meat. The prey that can take meat are: pigs, cows, chickens, fish, sheep, ....

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# 7. Build a solid house

After I have done all the things that I have instructed above, I bet that my friends are already quite good.

At this time, you should build yourself a solid house to help you better fight the mobs better. Materials: stone, brick, iron, soil, wood, ...

Depending on your preferences and creativity, you will create a satisfactory home. But if you don't want to build your own house, you can also find a certain village and stay there.

#8. End

The above is The best survival tips in Minecraft game for new players. Apply all of the above, surely you will be able to play well this mode.

Hopefully this article will be helpful to you. If you like, please download this game and invite your friends to play Minecraft to have really comfortable moments of entertainment offline.

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