Pros and cons of shared hosting plans


Pros and cons of shared hosting plans - If you're an entrepreneur and you want to create a web store for your product, or you're simply a writer aspiring to start a blog or website, one of the most important decisions you'll ever make Must give is to choose its web host. In this article, I will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of shared hosting packages, and will also mention some of the best web hosts you can find in the market and their features. .

Shared hosting?


To create, upload and keep your website running, you will need to find a web server that will provide space for you to store all files and documents. Web hosting offers a lot of additional services, but we will talk about that later in this article.

When it comes to web hosting options, there are three additional options - shared hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated hosting. One of the options you will choose depends on your needs, the type and size of your website and of course your budget. In this article, we will only mention shared hosting packages and their advantages and disadvantages.

Shared hosting packages are a hosting service in which multiple websites are hosted in one server. That requires sharing everything, from bandwidth, FTP and email accounts to databases and capacity, but also to the computer processor, memory and server maintenance fees. There is no limit to the number of websites that can be hosted in a server. The number can range from tens to thousands. Thanks to shared resources, shared hosting plans are a lot cheaper than VPS and dedicated hosting plans.

Advantages of shared Hosting packages



One of the biggest advantages of shared hosting plans is the very low cost. They are usually available at extremely reasonable rates, which can be a great benefit for those on a tight budget.

Because you are sharing server space and many other features with other website owners, web hosting can offer cheaper services. In fact, the cost per day can be as low as $ 0.08 on many servers due to the extremely competitive nature of the web hosting market. Although you will share space with other users, in most cases, the space you receive is more than enough because there are so many web hosts that these shared hosting packages don't have too many websites to. You feel the lack of space.


Shared hosting plans are drawing the basic concept from managed hosting, which means the host server maintains the servers and related hardware in their own datacenter. That means you will not have to deal with complex server administration, which is an ideal solution for those who do not have enough knowledge or experience in technology or human resources to operate. servers, as well as for people who simply don't want to deal with all that and want to focus on other aspects of their business.

Customizable and convenient

There are comprehensive tools like control panels and website building software that allow users to customize their shared hosting experience and make the entire technological aspect easy to understand even for newbies. begin.

Although you share resources with other users, a website administrator controls the website using dashboard tools. This tool is really very simple to use and very flexible which means you will be customizing it to some degree. Control panel tool for users to manage various features such as uploading images and other files, as well as viewing site statistics.

When you combine these customization options at an extremely affordable price, you get another benefit. With shared hosting packages, managing your website is easy because it is managed by experienced experts, so you will be able to spend most of your time on more urgent business issues. In addition, you can also have multiple email accounts on your own domain and multiple databases.

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Disadvantages of shared Hosting packages


Efficiency and breakdown

One of the biggest drawbacks of shared hosting plans is efficiency. This comes from the limited amount of disk space and bandwidth that comes with sharing servers with other users. Although this will not cause a lot of problems if your website is not large, bandwidth is important if you have a large website with lots of data.

This is a common problem similar to the performance issues that arise when another member of your shared hosting experience increases traffic, especially if it happens suddenly. That can result in slower performance on your own website and slow loading of your site can be really annoying for your guests and customers.

Another important issue is frequent crashes. That is understandable, especially when a web server has thousands of websites on one server. In these situations, the incident will be a common thing and that can be time consuming for website owners.


Safety is a very serious issue when it comes to shared hosting plans. In fact, the biggest security issue probably comes from web servers that allow their customers too much freedom and power when managing their websites and server access. One error is often sufficient to cause many problems to the server. That is why hacking is not so common and many shared servers are actually very vulnerable. Another reason why customers use shared hosting packages are particularly vulnerable is that any hacking attack performed on any website that is planned will affect and affect every website. differs in this shared hosting plan.

Best sharing service provider

There are many web hosts out there, as we mentioned, and it may not be easy for you to find the server that suits you in these options. For this reason, we will talk about some of the best web hosts that offer shared hosting packages.


Bluehost offers shared hosting packages, but you can also use it if you want to go with VPS or dedicated servers. It is also one of the best web hosting providers offering WordPress hosting at a reasonable price. When it comes to shared hosting, there are many different options, but Bluehost does not offer monthly options for shared hosting. Instead, you will have to sign up for the annual plan. You will also get a discount if you sign up for a multi-year plan. For example, if you sign up for a 3-year plan, you will only pay $ 3.95 per month. That's really one of the biggest benefits, because Bluehost has a great balance of price and features.

Shared Hosting Package

With the Basic shared hosting package that costs $ 3.95 per month with a 3-year plan, you will get a free domain name that you will own all the time you are with Bluehost. You will also get free domain transfer, 100 GB of storage to store website files and directories, unlimited monthly data transfers and you'll be able to host a website.

The Plus plan costs $ 5.95 per month for one year contracts; You will also get an anti-spam tool in addition to unlimited storage space, mailboxes and websites.

Prime packages typically cost $ 14.99 per month for one-year contracts and include dedicated IP addresses, website backups, two anti-spam programs and SSL certificates. For a limited time, you can get this package for just $ 5.95 per month with a three-year commitment.


If you use Bluehost, you'll be able to use a variety of build tools, as well as tools that allow you to filter spam and manage email. There are also tools that allow you to gather website statistics and manage your domain name.

You can create up to 100 email addresses with Bluehost, even with the basic plan. Upgrade package allows to create countless emails. Also, you should have no problems setting up an email account in Bluehost.

When it comes to security features, Bluehost is great. There are three anti-spam tools, but also hotlink security. You will also be able to design filters for email accounts, you can protect files and folders with a password, or create blacklists for different IP addresses.

InMotion Hosting


InMotion Hosting also offers a wide range of hosting packages. Companies advertise their sharing plans, like shared business hosting. Currently, they offer a 50% discount on their Jumpstart package, making your monthly charge only $ 3.99 per month if you pay two years in advance. This small package includes a free domain name and allows hosting of 2 websites.


The advantages of InMotion business shared hosting plan are many, but we will name a few:

  • CPanel web hosting - This feature allows you to have full control of your account. This allows you to install custom scripts, including new domains and new email addresses, without a problem.

  • BoldGrid - this is a great extension for WordPress, allowing you to design your website as you like without having to touch the code. This is great for newbies, but more experienced users can also benefit from such powerful tools. For more features, please see our BoldGrid review.

  • Refund Guarantee - You will receive a 90-day money back guarantee, which means you can try this web server basically without any risk.

  • Free advertising credit - Every new hosting package on ehost receives $ 100 in advertising credit for Google and Yahoo or Bing. You can use this money to generate more traffic to your web site.

  • Excellent speed and performance

  • A very stable web server rarely has a problem - uptime testing and performance testing here.



Last, but very important, on our list of best web hosts is iPage, a web hosting service that's rapidly becoming popular. It has a lot of potential and some great features. It offers many web hosting packages, including shared hosting, VPS, dedicated servers and WordPress hosting packages. However, iPage does not offer a monthly shared hosting plan and the minimum contract period you can choose is one year. There are also contracts available for two and three years of shared hosting. The price for the one-year plan is $ 11.95 per month and unfortunately, there is no discount if you decide to choose a longer-term option.


  • Drag and drop website builder - There are many other options available to build websites with iPage, but this option is the safest option for those without a lot of technology knowledge.

  • E-commerce - iPage offers an online store as an integrated feature, so if you plan to create a website on which you will sell your product, iPage is the right choice for you.

  • Security feature - iPage provides anti-malware monitoring for your email. There is also an SSL certificate available for purchase on the annual plan for $ 31.99 per year.

  • Customer Service - This web host has one of the best customer services out there, and you can contact them anytime by phone or chat.

  • Money back guarantee - iPage offers a 30-day money back guarantee for their web hosting plan.
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We have now come to the end of our article and we hope that you now have a better understanding of how web hosting works and the benefits, the biggest drawbacks of shared hosting plans. will. We also hope that our coverage of some of the best web hosting services will help you make easier and faster decisions without having to analyze too many web servers and features. of them.

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