Shared Hosting or VPS for WordPress and WooCommerce Shop


Shared Hosting or VPS for WordPress and WooCommerce Shop - We recently found a discussion on a popular web hosting portal, where someone is looking for help to choose a hosting package for a website project, more specifically, for a Online store created with WordPress and WooCommerce. We have read various opinions and realize that some people still do not understand the fact that hosting is just as important as the website itself. So we decided to create this article and help webmasters who are creating an ecommerce site with WordPress to find a suitable hosting.

Need Hosting for WooCommerce?


WooCommerce requires higher server resources, so shared hosting is not ideal for running an online store. VPS would be a good choice, but it's expensive. Bluehost has packages that are optimized for WooCommerce, affordable and created to support WooCommerce stores.



It is important to plan your project first, to know what you want to have and how to improve your website. If you choose to create a store with WordPress, the first thing to do is to research and find out what options you have for a shopping cart. There are many shopping cart plugins that are good for you. You will also need to check out the available add-ons that the plugin comes with, because many people not only want a simple add-on, but also advanced options like searching for products and featured products. , advertising, various payment and shipping options. If you have the knowledge to develop such plugins yourself, then start creating your shopping cart from scratch, but if you want to save time,

Perhaps you will choose a free shopping cart plugin like Woocommerce, WP E-Commerce, Itheme Exchange, Cart66 Lite or others. Assuming that you choose the most popular tool and choose Woocommerce, since it's free, there are many sites that use it, it's well documented, has a very active, useful community and premium add-ons to expand. function for your store, anytime you want.

What other plugins do you need?


Not so long ago, we had the opportunity to help a friend create an online store, with WordPress. We have discussed the details, planned in advance and here is the list of plugins we decided to install on her website:

  • Contact form 7

  • W3 total cache

  • SEO fast

  • WooCommerce

  • Share button

  • FV's top-level catalog
We have also chosen a theme and are pre-styled for WooCommerce. We made some modifications on the theme to fit the requirements of the design concept she had in mind and started uploading the products. Initially there were about 100 products with two images, so we thought a shared hosting package would be enough for this website. We were completely wrong! The site was working fine, until she started with the advertising campaign. With just 200 daily visitors and 800 page views, the site loads like a free web server. Redoing some parts of the code didn't help, changing the topic didn't help either; she had to stop advertising the website until she found the problem. This is a situation you don't want to encounter. So what is the problem?

What type of hosting to choose for sharing or vps?


A website created with WordPress, getting 500 customers daily will run great on a shared hosting. This depends on the provider, but if you choose a good hosting plan, your site will be fine. Expand the functionality of your WordPress site, by installing various plugins and using complex themes that will slow down the site. Getting more traffic will also help slow down. If the website hosts larger image files (in the case of our product images) and users are accessing them at the same time, that will also greatly slow down the speed and will ruin performance.

We have found that storage planning has affected store performance; Sharing plans are not enough to ensure the performance we expect. Moving it to a virtual server, where the site had dedicated RAM and CPU, was fixed.

You also find WooCommerce optimized hosting packages, which are cheaper than VPS packages.


A simple blog or company presentation website will work well on long-term shared hosting. When an online store is created with Woocommerce or another shopping cart plugin, it is recommended that you go straight to a virtual private server. The cost is higher and at first it is difficult to maintain the hosting costs as well as the development of the website, but in the long run this is more beneficial to the business. The first impression is always a huge problem: your visitors get a bad experience on the site, will not return in the future and you will lose your job because of the inappropriate plan you have. If you are serious about online stores, getting a hosting account will work best for your site.

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