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Confidence is a very important skill and is always required and appreciated by society. Having confidence in all situations will help you proactively seize the appropriate opportunities and succeed in the near future.
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On the contrary, if you are still a shy person, you will be greatly disadvantaged in the development of yourself and your career. Because success comes only when you try and fight to the end. But don't worry, we can get better together day by day.
If you still do not know how to find courage and confidence when dealing with problems in life, then let's explore the extremely effective methods below. Are you ready 🙂
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#first. Discover Your Forte

The most important thing to gain confidence is to know exactly what you are good at, what your forte is. This is understandable, because only when we really have expertise on a problem, we can face them easily and comfortably.
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All of the great people in this world have their own missions, and it is absurd to ask someone for holiness. If Bill Gates was a pop singer and Michael Jackson listened to his father becoming a programmer ... then the world would lose 2 geniuses, and be a mess.
Therefore, get rid of all the unimportant things and focus on investing to develop your strengths.
Each of us has different inclinations, seek and promote them. And remember, we only really feel confident and proactive when we do what we love.

#2. Knowledgeable

To be confident, you must have knowledge, knowledge about life, about society ... You can not participate well in a conversation when you do not know anything about it.
The best way to have knowledge is to read and experience a lot of reality to cultivate more knowledge about this life.
No one will learn for you, so if you do not train and supplement your knowledge every day, you will soon be left behind the society and those around you. And as a result, you already know, you will become more and more inferiority about yourself.
You can easily see that the confident people are very profound and knowledgeable.
=> In short, knowledge is the core element of confidence. Other aspects just supplement confidence!

# 3. Receiving Compliments

You may not notice it, but compliments from other people have a positive impact on us, namely, it helps each person to become more confident and more resilient to any difficult problem.

Don't forget the positive feedbacks of people around you. There is no reason for us to torment and inferiority, while our efforts are often highly appreciated by others.
Psychology is always a very important factor when facing any war.
Don't let your anxiety dominate you. Always remember that you did a good job, and a positive attitude - the compliments from people are proof of that.

# 4. Facing Fear

Of course, fear is one of the most difficult things that makes you not confident in yourself. You are afraid of the crowd, afraid of communication, afraid of being wrong, afraid of losing face ... and many other fears in the world.
So what is our problem? It is "paying" all the invisible fear in you. List your concerns on a piece of paper, curl up and throw them in the trash.
Starting from that moment, keep your head up high and every day, do one thing on the list you threw. Believe me, it will be interesting!
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For example, I'm very afraid of the crowd - specifically afraid of communicating with others. In general, just looking into the eyes of the opposite person makes you feel like your heart is beating.
And you know, I did something unbelievably crazy: Every day I try to talk to any stranger.
No words can describe all of my embarrassment and anxiety in the first few times, but the later, the stronger the confidence in me grows. And now I can really firmly communicate with people already!
=> In general, what you are afraid of, do it a lot. The first time you are scared, the 2nd time you may still be scared ... but by the N time everything will become normal.

# 5. Take risks

Many people just count their failures and dismiss all the positive aspects that exist in a problem. Do not torment yourself that way.
To build confidence, learn to love even pain. And once you've realized that mistakes are inevitable, you won't find them all that big.
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You understand what I mean! Because after each trip, we will certainly have more hard core lessons.
And once you've got such a seasoned experience in your hands, you will definitely become a lot more confident!

# 6. Maintain a Positive Attitude

Actually, I have analyzed very carefully in previous posts, but I still want to emphasize with you again.
Because attitude is the only thing we can control in difficult and harsh cases.
Do not hesitate to encourage yourself with fresh thoughts. Whenever things don't go your way, relax and head for the most positive aspect.

Maintaining a proper attitude will gradually lead to an open, positive way of thinking, no matter how awkward the immediate situation is. That is also a solid foundation to cultivate strong confidence in the depths of each person!

# 7. Physical Training

Yes, you will look very vital if you have a thin, thin body. And you look really heavy if you own a "shark" body.
Therefore, you should exercise, exercise, play sports every day ... or at least 3 times a week gym / gym to get healthy and supple body offline.
Because after all, you can have a lot of energy to do the jobs you like, right? And science has proven that exercise will help our brain be more excited, more alert ... a lot.

# 6. Epilogue

Above are my most objective sharing in terms of how to be more confident between this chaotic and complicated life. Hope we will try our best to become stronger day by day!
Do not forget to share your interesting experiences in the process of building confidence with Blog offline. Good luck !
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