Summary of 5 ways to open File Explorer Options on Windows 10

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Like Finder on macOs, File Explorer is a component associated with Windows 10, and will not be able to run without it.
In addition, it is also the main tool for you to perform deletion, moving, editing, managing partitions .. for files and folders on the computer hard drive.
Not only that, you can easily customize File Explorer to suit your usage habits and nature of work to increase the efficiency of working with the Options that Windows provides.
And in this article I will share with you how to open this Options section that I know on Windows 10!
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I. How to open File Explorer Options on Windows 10

In this article, I only share the ways that I know and have applied in the process of using a computer (applies to both Windows 10, 8 and Windows 7 ... okay guys)
Therefore, if you know anything else, do not forget to share by leaving your comment below this article!

#first. Use the search feature (Search) of Windows

Yes, this method is too familiar and too easy to do with anyone.
Not only File Explorer Options that you can search for all the stuff you have on your computer with Windows Search, an extremely useful tool on the Windows operating system.
You open up Windows Search with the key combination Windows + S or click the magnifying glass icon on the bar Taskbar => Then enter keywords File Explorer Options => Select File Explorer Options in results => and then press Open to open is.
how-to-file-explorer-options-on-windows (1)

Immediately, the window File Explorer Options showing up. Here you can customize pretty much everything. The interface is extremely intuitive, accessible and used.
how-to-file-explorer-options-on-windows (2)

Some articles on how to show hidden files in Windows or show file extensions on Windows ... that the Admin instructs you, are also customized in this File Explorer Options section.

#2. Use Windows RUN

Windows RUN - a very familiar tool in the tutorials available on blogs, and this article is no exception 🙂
Perform: You can open Windows RUN by pressing the key combination Windows + R. In the RUN window that appears, enter the command below => then ENTER is to be:
rundll32.exe shell32.dll, Options_RunDLL 0
how-to-file-explorer-options-on-windows (3)

Alternatively, you can use this command in Command Prompt and Windows Powershell more, but in my opinion using Run is simpler.

# 3. Use Control Panel, Settings of Windows

From Windows 8 onwards, the Control Panel has been replaced with an interface Windows Settings New instead of the Control Panel interface, the interface is more modern, more intuitive and easier to use.
However, there are many settings you can only perform on Control Panel. But with File Explorer Options you can open it with both Windows Settings and Control Panel: D.

3.1. For Control Panel

Perform: You open Control Panel up by opening the Run dialog box (Windows + R) => enter keywords control or control panel => then press ENTER.
In Control Panel, item View By you turn into Small Icons As shown below => then look in the displayed list there will be sections File Explorer Options => click on it to open.
how-to-file-explorer-options-on-windows (4)

3.2. For Windows Settings

Perform: You open up Windows Settings using the key combination Windows + I.
Or If you don't know how to open it, I already have an article like this talking about ways to open Windows Settings on Windows 10 - you can review it!
You enter in the search box in Windows Settings key word File Explorer Optionsis to get immediate results.
how-to-file-explorer-options-on-windows (5)

# 4. Use File Explorer

Simply open File Explorer (Windows + E) => click File on the navigation bar => then select the item Change folder and search options is done, so fast luôn
how-to-file-explorer-options-on-windows (6)

There is another way: Also on the navigation bar you click View => look to the right there will be entries Options => then click the drop down triangle => and click Change folder and options will also open you with the File Explorer Options window.
how-to-file-explorer-options-on-windows (7)

# 5. Use Windows Command Prompt, Windows Powershell

Although used Command Prompt and Windows Powershell but of course I will not reuse the above 2 way statement, of course, if you want, you can still use it, it's okay.
Perform: You open Command Prompt up => in the cmd window you enter the keyword control.exe folders => and press ENTER is done
Note: For Windows PowerShell You do the same thing.
how-to-file-explorer-options-on-windows (8)

II. Epilogue

The above are ways to open File Explorer Options on the Windows 10 operating system I know, a tool that helps you customize a lot of things on File Explorer.
Hope this article will be helpful to you. If you find it interesting, don't forget to share it with everyone else! Good luck !
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