The 5 most powerful Mobs in Minecraft that you should know

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As you all know, in the Minecraft game world, there are many different types of Mobs to create difficulty and abundance for the game. Mobs are many types, from gentle, harmless to violent, from good to bad, from strong to weak.
In short, each type of Mobs has its own unique ability. But in the context of this article I will introduce you to these The strongest Mobs in Minecraft the amount of health to the amount of damage they cause.
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#first. Iron Golem

The Iron Golem is a big and strong iron monster. This is considered to be the embodiment of justice, because it was created to protect the residents living in the village.
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This guard has relatively large amounts of blood up to 100. Their mission is to protect the villagers from the attack of Zombie, Crepper, Skeleton, ……
It will automatically charge to fight the monsters when they see them. The level of health raised by most Zombie can not be against this guardian.
How and ingredients to make an Iron Golem It is quite simple. First of all you need to have 5 blocks sắt and 1 đầu bí ngô.
Next, build iron blocks in a shape T, then put the pumpkin head on top of the word T it is the Iron Golem that will appear.
Strengths of the Iron Golem: That is the level of the cow and the righteous heart, faithful to the right. Meet where the hell is fighting there.
Weaknesses of Iron Golem: Besides that strong point, there is also a weak point which is quite difficult to support, which is that it cannot move and fight while in the water, or in other words, it will become extremely useless when below. country.

#2. Witch

These Mobs are as strong as the Iron Golem. Although it is not buffalo, it has a great power. They are famous for their ability to make drugs, they can create many amazing drugs.
Minecraft-mobs-in-minecraft (5)

When fighting, they use poison vials to throw at enemies. These vials will make the person attacked a lot of effects and cause them to slowly die.
That was when they attacked and when they were attacked and lost blood, they took medicine to recover. So although the amount of original blood is not much, the medicine drinks on them is also very difficult to destroy. Its medication speed is 2 to 3 times faster than with us.
The home of witches is usually houses in the village and near the river. If you enter a village and see a house with a medicine dispensing table inside it is definitely a witch's house.
The strong point of a witch is her ability to use drugs and take drugs extremely quickly. They can also attack from afar.
The weakness of the Witch is that when it is close to them, it will not be able to show their full strength. Despite being strong, the sorcerer is a Mobs who doesn't take sides. They only do what is in their favor.

# 3. Elder Guardian

This is a Mobs living in the water. Their habitat is relics of the ocean. Their mission is to protect the area from intruders.

They are 3 times larger than the Guardian and have a health of 80. When attacking an enemy, they cause a sound source to make the invaders slow digging effect.
This effect makes the intruders intent to exploit resources under the area to dig tired hands. But want to break the effect you just need to drink a little milk will end the effect.
The strength is the amount of buffalo blood, plus the ability to emit sound waves that cause a slow digging effect to help them become invincible underwater.
Weaknesses are poor mobility, they just go around where the center goes and not going anywhere else.

# 4. Elder Dragon (Elder Dragon)

It is called the Boss in its world. While not the strongest in Minecraft, they are invincible in their world.
Minecraft-mobs-in-minecraft (4)

The immense amount of blood (currently 200 health) plus unrivaled strength made it even stronger. The amount of blood has not stopped there, when attacked by blood loss, they often fly around the Elder crystals to recover the lost blood.
So if you intend to fight the Elder Dragon, you must pay attention to breaking all Elder crystals so that it cannot heal. If you want to find them, you have to go down The EndBut before you get down, make sure you are strong enough.
Its strengths are its ability to fly and the amount of buffalo's blood, plus large Dame. In addition, they are supported by a large army of Elders.
The weakness is that when the Elder crystals are broken, they cannot heal, which means a significant decrease in strength.

# 5. Wither (withered monster)

Wither is not a Mobs available in nature because it was created by the player. It is considered the final boss and the strongest Mobs in Minecraft.
Minecraft-mobs-in-minecraft (2)

They possess extraordinary power, ability to destroy and a large amount of blood up to 300 health. When summoned, it destroys everything around them from animals to resources.
This was a monster that could not be controlled because of its ferocity and intractable instinct. It was always hovering in the sky and dropping explosive bombs below. So it is difficult to destroy it.
Ways to Summon and Summon Materials: First you have to prepare yourself 5 blocks cát linh hồn and 3 chiếc đầu của Wither Skeleton.
Then do the same with the Iron Golem, but the difference is that you have to put the 3 heads of the Wither Skeleton on top of the word. T there.
The strength is their strength, ability to destroy large areas and the ability to fly, making it difficult for players to defeat it.
The weakness of Wither Skeleton is almost none. Because it's so perfect and almost unbeatable. If you want to defeat it then you have to be really strong.

# 6. Finish

Above are some The strongest mobs in Minecraft. They are not just Mobs but they are also a measure of one's strength.
Please prove yourself strong by defeating the Mobs that I mentioned above and must practice daily to become stronger.
Hopefully the article will be helpful to you. Love !!
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