Top 20 cool Offline games for PC with weak configuration

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Hello everyone, in the last article we have gone through 3 parts of the Series Top 20 Game Offine very good for weak configuration already.
And today we will take a look at the fourth and final part of this Series, along with great games but only require the configuration of "Song Dynasty".
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# 16. Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition

Dark Souls is an open world role-playing game developed and published on PS3, Xbox by From Sortware, Namco Bandai Games, and the PC version of the game that came to gamers later with the addition of something like New boss, new weapons, iteam, new locations and are known as Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition.
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Unlike other action games like Devil May Cry, God Of War, you can kill enemies easily, while in Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition, it is different because the game possesses a difficulty level horrible and the terrible difficulty that is the highlight of the game.
In the game, you have to brainstorm to judge the movement, attack of the enemy by just a moment of ignorance, caught off guard, a simple combo of a "shrimp" is enough for you to fly the whole blood bar. and the words "YOU DIED" will appear right in front of you.
Although it is difficult, Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Editon is extremely attractive because of its dramatic, charismatic gameplay and an extensive map for you to explore with hundreds of different types of monsters and bosses. Various upgrades on weapons. So, if you are afraid of a game that is hard to not enjoy, you have definitely missed a great experience.

# 17. Assassin's’s Creed II

First launched in 2010, Assassin's’s Creed II known as a true super product and has been critically acclaimed by all critics.
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In the game, you play the role of Ezio, from a "young buffalo" and then undergo the training of life tragedy and join the assassin society as his own destiny, he became a legendary assassin. defend justice from deep in the dark.
Besides the deep storyline, the gameplay is also extremely excellent with a variety of assassination skills, hiding, distracting the enemy so you can silently finish the enemy.
Therefore, Assassin’s Creed II is a game that you can not ignore and I recommend you to try it.

# 18. Prince Of Persia: The Ghost Of Past

Prince Of Persia: The Ghost Of Past is an action, adventure game developed by Ubisoft Montreal, published by Ubisoft and the game released in 2008.
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The game takes place in the mythical vale kingdom, the story begins with the war for the Tree of Life between the light god Ormazd and his brother, the god of darkness Ahriman.
The map in the game is divided into regions and you will play the prince and the female warrior Elika destroy the demons in each area to crush the dominance of the dark forces.
Therefore, Prince Of Persia: Ghost of the Past can be considered a very good sequel game for you because the configuration is not too high, but the graphics quality is very beautiful.

# 19. Fran Bow

Fran Bow is an adventure game with a scary psychological story told by unique hand-drawn 2D graphics.
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In the game, you play as little Fran, accompanied by the black cat Mr. Midnight finds his way home and a few other characters will appear to help or stop your journey. Your task in the game will be to solve puzzles and search for objects to continue your adventure.
The difference of this game is that the horror element does not come from the scenes Jump Scare (i.e. extreme scary scenes suddenly appear on the screen), which is a tense, heavy atmosphere combined with graphic style, storytelling and sound effects. All of this made Fran Bow a haunting but incredibly awesome and impressive horror game.

# 20. Batman: Arkham Asylum

Launched in 2009, Batman Asylum is the game that opens the new era of dark Knight in the virtual entertainment industry.
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Batman: Arkham Asylum still focuses on the confrontation between Batman and Joker, the game scene takes place mainly in Arkham mental hospital (where Joker is about to be thrown into).
Although ostensibly a psychiatric hospital, Arkham's interior is essentially a closed prison under the strict management of the military and government. When the Joker returned, Arkham became a strong fortress for the dark forces to reside.
The gameplay mechanics of Batman: Arkham Asylum are generally quite simple and focus on action-packed confrontations. This is also the name invented the style of fast, strong, definitive combat but no need to interact fuss and trouble.
Besides, the graphics of the game are also very impressive because the figures of Batman and Joker are designed in detail, vividly.
Moreover, the game environment with the Arkham mental hospital scene is portrayed in a honest, clear and contributed way to make the game extremely attractive.
In short, Batman: Arkham Asylum is a game that is extremely worth playing for you especially when you are a fan of superhero games in general and Batman in particular.


Such is the last part of the Serie Top 20 Game Offline extremely good for PC weak configuration Ended here, hopefully through my series of this article, you will find some good, interesting games that suit your interests.
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