Top 5 most powerful assassins Union Army Mobile you should know

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As of November 2019, there are assassin generals in the Army Union as: Butterfly, Nakroth, Wukong, Kriknak, Batman, Airi, Murad, Quillen, Enzo (excluding killer gladiators and assassin wizards). This list is based on Garena's website.
So what are the strongest assassins. Along Knowledge Sharing Blog, review the top 5 strongest coalition assassins in the current version.
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List of mobile coalition assassins

First I would like to analyze the basic requirements of assassins or in other words what assassins need to have and how to play?
This determines the position of the assassins themselves arranged in the rankings below. Please refer. Specifically an assassin must have the following factors:
  1. Dame quickly, shocking damage.
  2. Good chasing skill.
  3. Fast approaching.
  4. Maneuverability is difficult to be arrested.
  5. Can finish multiple targets in teamfights.
So, what are the most powerful assassins in Mobile Alliance? Okey, let's get started now!

#first. Wukong

Referring to the Top these the strongest assassin in the coalition can not be ignored Wukong. This is a form of assassin who meets all criteria. Although many times have been reduced strength, but he still very much promote it.

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Wukong the strongest assassin coalition

1.1. Strength of Wukong

- Shock of fast damage with critical and intrinsic ability.
- Has stealth skills quickly approaching.
- Maneuverability available.
- Late game or equipment will be very strong.
- Ability to carry high team.
- Does not require too high playing skills.

1.2 Weaknesses of Wukong

- Maneuver not very high.
- Depends heavily on equipment.
- There are many counter heroes.

#2. General Kriknak

The awful obsession of ad in the current version is probably the mention of Kriknak. This mighty *** beetle leaps into the air where it fades and dies.
Especially, Kriknak is a tough hero that is hard to beat, easy to play cheap. If you want to kill someone quickly, buy and use Kriknak right away.

top-5-sat-thu-nhat-lien-mobile-related (3)
Kriknak assassin very strong

2.1. Strengths of Kriknak

- Very easy to play, skills do not need much orientation.
- Cheap price easy to buy.
- Combo stack fast damage.
- Recipe quick recovery.
- Close access to good prey.
- Clear the forest fast.
- Pretty tough.

2.2. Kriknak's weakness

- Playing style is easy to predict and counter.

# 3. General Murad

Murad is the next killer general in the list of top strongest assassins in the coalition.
Despite the strength reduction several times but Murad can still finish the enemy in the blink of an eye. If you master this assassin climbing rank will be very simple.

top-5-sat-thu-nhat-lien-mobile-related (4)
Murad assassin virtual variable

3.1. General Murad's strengths

- There is hard magic to catch.
- Great damage from early game to the end of the game.
- Damage is very wide area.
- Cannot choose as target with 2 moves.
- Control, approach and catch very good prey.
- Fast jungle, good pillar press with phantom illusions.

3.2. General Murad's weakness

- Depends on opening the ultimate seal.
- Quite difficult to master.
- Not knowing how to play will be very wasteful.
- Jerking the ball back or getting caught.

# 4. General Enzo

Enzo is a powerful assassin general in the recently launched coalition. Because this is a champion with high personal skills, I will be in 4th place on this list.
If you play Enzo well, the decision about the holy war will arrive 6 minutes early. Running is fast, hooks are very annoying buffalo skills. An assassin "is hated" at high ranks such as elite and masters.

Enzo assassin is strong but has a high difficulty

4.1. Strength of General Enzo

- Great hand damage, kill enemies quickly.
- Many annoying control effects.
- Clean up the fight fast.
- Extremely good kite flying.
- Passive when killing or knocking down.
- Fast jungle.

4.2. General Enzo's weakness

- Hard play.
- Much depends on technique 2.

# 5. General Quillen

Quillen is the last killer in the list of the top 5 strongest assassins in the coalition. Decreased strength many times makes many players think Quillen is no longer strong and less important.
However, you must have met some matches Quillen strong, it makes sense for two basic lines to count.

top-5-sat-thu-nhat-lien-mobile-related (6)
Quilen assassin stealth

5.1. Quillen's strengths

- Stealth captures a good target.
- Strong dame shock.
- Fast jungle.
- Easy to play, easy to win.
- When knocked down cooldown can come in teamfights.

5.2. General Quillen's weakness

- If you cannot defeat the enemy, you will die.
- Early game is not strong.
- Depends heavily on equipment.

# 6. Epilogue

So I have shared the top 5 strongest assassin in the Union Mobile The current. This is my personal opinion so there are definitely many shortcomings. Please leave your comment at the end of the article to help me perfect the topic.
There are also some pretty strong assassins like: Butterfly, Batman, Nakroth but this season few players and too much strength reduction should not hold the position of Top 5 strong assassins anymore.
See you in the upcoming posts!
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