What is favicon and how to create a favicon


What is favicon and how to create a favicon - You will notice that some websites and blogs have a small icon appear next to the web address field at the top of the browser. This small icon is a file format

What is favicon?

ICO and it is named Favicon (short version for the most favorite icon icon). This also appears when you save the link in your browser and give you a graphical view of it. Some browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox support, .JPG, .GIF and .PNG formats, but the .ICO format is the most common and it is the default. Internet Explorer only supports .ICO format, other formats are not displayed. In addition, Favicon appears in the bookmark / favorite toolbar next to the name of the page or as an icon on shortcuts created on the computer to a specific website. Today, Favicon is used in operating systems from iOS to Android, Windows and Mac OS X.

How to create Favicon


You can use any image editor from Paint.NET to Adobe Photoshop or online image editors like LunaPic to create a beautiful and interesting image similar to the logo of your page, also bringing suggestive properties. You need to create a minimum square image of 32 pixels or 256 pixels. And if you want a transparent icon, please use a .GIF or .PNG file with a transparent background.

Another way to create Favicon, for your website or software, is to use an online .ICO creator like Prodraw where you can select a file to upload and convert it into an appropriate file extension. You need to upload files smaller than 1 megabyte and after you select the image, click the Upload it button.

Next, you choose the width and height of the future Favicon, usually for Windows 7+ software like screen saver builder, you need to be at least 48 x 48 pixels and for the website, You can choose even 128 x 128 pixels. Finally, just select your icon and you download it.

How to set up your favorite website icons


The next step is to upload your new Favicon to your site directory via the FTP client and add the following code to your HTML file in the header. The code must be placed after the tag yours:

Depending on the content system you use, you can download a Favicon through customizing the theme or management system dashboard like you do in WordPress or Joomla.

Why can't my Favicon.ico be displayed?


You need to make sure your logo has the correct size and format. Because a Favicon for Internet Explorer must be square in size and it needs to have the .ICO format and not the .GIF format.

Can my website have many favorite icons for different websites? And how do I do it?

To get more favorite icons for each of your pages, you need to upload the Favicon you want and then write the HTML code in every page you want a Favicon, so change the code '/Favicon.ico. It points to the Favorite Icon you want to display for that page.

In addition, Favicon .ICO will pack more images and a larger resolution so you do not compromise the readability of Favicon.

How to steal a Favicon stealing


The easiest way to download Favicon from a website is to use Google: enter your browser's address bar http://www.google.com/s2/favicons?domain=webhostingmedia.net and replace the name domain using a domain you want to download Favicon from.

Using someone else's Favicon will conclude in legal matters, so you should create and use a personalized logo. Not only to avoid legal consequences, but also better for your brand to be unique.

Why do you need a Favicon?


Initially, Internet Explorer only used Favicon.ico for bookmarks (MSIE 6.0 and earlier versions). But newer versions of Internet Explorer (7.0 and above) and browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome also show Favicon in the address bar on every website visit, so this becomes More importantly than before, especially a well-made Favicon is really like a small logo of your website representing the brand you just started creating. An animated Favicon makes everything more fun and attracts your visitors for sure.

You should use Favicon to personalize your site, create a new brand, use it as a signature copyright, to attract visitors, to complete your site setup or just for fun.

Customizable Favicon


For iOS devices, use different HTML codes to customize your chosen Favicon, such as

  • There is no reflected light

Rewards: other important images you need to have on your website to increase the popularity of your brand


  • Avatars are important because you'll see which images represent your visitors and reviewers, but also have your own avatar representing you and your business.

  • The logo is the most important image you need to have as it is large and you see it on every page in the title of your page. The logo consists of even words, not just an image.

  • Sometimes, there should be a title banner or even an animated banner created with sliders and positioned in the title of the web page. This banner includes images and text from the last post or other useful information for the visitor.

  • Banner exchange is useful because other website owners can place it on their site and their visitors will know which site has that particular banner. Typically, this banner type is smaller than the banner title and is rectangular.

  • Featured images are suggested images that you can put in front of each page and article so that you create a friendly atmosphere for your readers. Some WordPress themes allow you to directly upload featured images from the post / page editor, and they even create pages like category pages, tag pages and so on, where the title and featured image of The page is displayed.

  • Media icons are useful for identifying where a website has profiles, accounts and pages, but at the same time, people share content with their own media profile with specific icons.

  • Menus are usually created with CSS, HTML, and text, but sometimes web developers use images for main menus, sub menus, sidebar menus, top bar menus, footer menus, etc.

  • Smileys improves feedback and the number of comments increases if you use them properly, but don't spam. They are also used to express feelings and emotions related to a person or content of a website.

  • The mascot is especially used at entertainment and jokes that are a common content type where people enjoy having fun.

  • Backgrounds are sometimes used or not, but if you have a wallpaper, you need to make sure they are not repeated in a way that is error-prone and it is probably better to have a fixed background where the text is displayed.

  • Other: cart, search, etc. are other important images, but they depend on the type of site, so if you have an online store, you should try and create a special shopping cart and for the search boxes, use the Other custom photos rather than a default.
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