What is the true purpose of rabbit ears and moles on smartphones

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Surely you already know that the two typical designs of the two big giants in the smartphone segment are Apple and Samsung are the rabbit ears and mole screens.
However, if you think about it, these two designs hardly bring much benefit to users, not to mention it can cause discomfort for a large segment of fans of the two brands.
So, what are their main goals when they launch these 2 "weird" designs? Please join me to find out more in this article.
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#first. All due to Apple!

Apple started the notch design with the iPhone X. Specifically, this is a design that cuts into a relatively large array, leaving two small bands on the sides that look like a rabbit ears. The space between the two ears is for the front camera assembly, FaceID sensor and other basic sensors.

Ever since it was launched, many people have been disappointed in this design. Part 2 rabbit ears almost do not do anything, just to show the notification bar. The price of the machine has teamed up to $ 1000 for this design.
So why is Apple still doing it?
Firstly: To make a change. Apple has changed the design of the iPhone since the time of the iPhone 6. And from then until the iPhone 8 Plus, the devices released each year are so similar that it is pressing. Too boring and lack of creativity.
For example: If you are not a technician, technologist or something like that, you are not sure whether you can distinguish 4 iPhone 6, 6S, iPhone 7 or iPhone 8. Similarly, iPhone 6 Plus, 6S Plus, 7 Plus, 8 Plus are also very difficult to recognize from the front.
And as I said many times in previous posts: Apple users always have the need to "show off". And showing off, no one wants their iPhone 8 Plus to be looked at iPhone 6 Plus.
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Next: To streamline the price of $ 1,000. It's still a matter of showing off: The iPhone X will return with a more expensive technology, called FaceID (face unlock).
However, if they equip FaceID on a device designed like the iPhone 8 Plus, no one will know it is a good machine for $ 1,000.
And as Apple explains, it is necessary to equip FaceID with the device, and they have yet to find a more suitable location.
So, rabbit ears can do a couple of things: New design, accompanied by a sign that the device is good, new device and has modern FaceID technology.

#2. What about Samsung?

Samsung is the same. Rather, you have to follow Apple's price. If Samsung agrees to sell at the same price as it used to be, it means they accept that their technology and product level are not as high as Apple.
The 2.5D curved screen design first appeared on the S6 Edge, a higher version of the Flagship Galaxy S6.
However, since Samsung Galaxy S8, they have used this design for basic flagships and removed the Galaxy S Edge line, which is characteristic of this design, and gently raised the price to the store they need. Apple price.

Next is the mole: This is simply a small change and need, after Galaxy S8, S9 and Note 8, Galaxy Note 9 uses a boring glass edge design.

It has increased the screen area, but does not give users a good enough experience, let alone the inhibition when watching content such as videos on the device.

# 3. Conclude

In short, now expensive phones are mostly at Apple, and other companies only need that reason to PUSH their prices.
If you talk about usefulness, you see rabbit ears, moles, glass overflow: What is the most useful and worth it?
What do you think about rabbit ears or moles on the phone? Do you like these designs? Leave your comments below this article!
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