What's new in Windows 10 1909 19H2?

Microsoft is currently receiving the Windows 10, November 2019 update, codenamed 19H2, ready for release. Also known as Windows 10 version 1909, this will be the smallest, fastest Windows 10 update. It is actually just a service pack. We have updated this article with the latest features until Windows Insider build 18363,418, which Microsoft said is likely to be the final build on October 10, 2019.

An update causes less disruption with fewer changes

Microsoft released John Cable explaining that this update will be a set of features to improve performance, enterprise features and quality improvements. In other words, expect a suite of bug fixes, performance fixes, and some business features.

If you're crazy about major Windows 10 updates every six months, then the November 10, 2019 Windows Update (19H2) is the update for you! Installing this update will be the same as installing the standard cumulative update like updates to the Third Patch. It should be a small download with a quick installation process, no need to reboot a long time and delete the old Windows installation needed.

Computers with the May 2019 Update (also known as 19H1) will receive a small patch through Windows Update and quickly update to the November 2019 Update (19H2.) This may be will come in November 2019, as the name suggests.

With the end of Windows 7 appearing on January 14, 2020, Microsoft clearly wants to avoid repeating the October 2018 Error Update.

It is out there and is being tested. As of September 5, Microsoft says every Windows Insider within the previous release has been offered Windows 10 1909. A year ago, Windows 10 titled October 2018 was released without any testing in the Preview release. On October 10, Microsoft said that Windows Insiders within the Preview Preview had what Microsoft expected was the final build.

Search online in File Explorer

Windows 10 1909
Windows 10 1909

File Explorer has a new search experience. When you type in the search box, you will see a drop down menu with a list of suggested files. It will also search for files in your online OneDrive account, not just files on your local PC. You can also right-click one of the search results here to open the Location file.

You can still access a more powerful, classic search experience by pressing Enter. This will allow you to search for non-indexed locations, for example.

This feature was originally added to the Windows 10 Row 20H1 update but has been ported to the 19H2 update.

Other voice assistants on the lock screen

Windows 10 1909 2
Windows 10 1909 2

In current versions of Windows 10, Cortana can run on the lock screen. But Microsoft seems to be giving up Cortana as a consumer product. Then, matching that, Cortana is giving way to other voice assistants. One change will allow other voice assistants, such as Amazon Alexa, to run on the Windows 10 lock screen.

This is a small feature that will work automatically after Amazon has added it to Alexa. You can talk to your voice assistant and it can hear you even when you're on the lock screen, giving an answer.

Or, as Microsoft says, this is a change to allow third-party digital assistants to activate voice above the Lock screen.

Create calendar events from the taskbar

Windows 10 1909 3
Windows 10 1909 3

If you use the Windows 10 calendar application, it will be better. If you don cage, it is easier to start. You can now create calendar events directly from the taskbar. Just click on the time in the taskbar to open the calendar view. From here, you can now click on a date and start typing in the text box to create a new calendar event. You can specify name, time and place from here.

Prior to this update, the flyout flight schedule on the taskbar displayed calendar events, but you had to create those events in the Calendar application. Any events you add here will still appear in the Windows 10 Calendar app.

Improve notification management

Windows 10 1909 4
Windows 10 1909 4

Microsoft took a moment for the notices in this update. When configuring notifications for an app, there are now images that accurately display Wikipedia notification banners about Cameron notifications and in the action center.

Windows 10 will now allow you to turn off the sound when a notification appears. This setting is available on the Settings> System> Notifications & Actions pane. Previously, you could turn off notification sounds, but you had to turn them off separately for each app that displayed notifications.

The Settings> System> Notifications & Action window will default to sort apps by the most recently displayed notification instead of the name. This will help you find the apps that send the most notifications and configure them.

You can now also configure notifications directly from notifications. Both banner notifications and Action Center notifications have options to configure or turn off notifications, right in the notification. Now, the Action Center pane also has a Manage Notifications Manager button that appears at the top of the Action Center, allowing easy access to the Notifications & actions pane to configure your notifications.

Improve performance

This update brings a few performance improvements. Some systems will see improved battery life, better scheduling of CPU resources, and lower levels of digital ink.

Microsoft said that Google has made improvements in general battery life and power efficiency for PCs with certain processors. But that's vague, but some PCs will have longer battery life.

This update has some improvements to schedule on computers with multi-core CPUs. As Microsoft said: CPU CPUs may have many favorite cores (the logical processor of the highest available scheduling layer). In order to provide better performance and reliability, we implemented a more equitable distribution of work among the favored cores.

Finally, computers with digital ink refill feature will have lower latency for faster drawing. Windows 10 will now allow manufacturers to reduce ink latency based on their device's hardware capabilities. Prior to this update, Windows 10 systems with ink hardware were stuck with the latency selected on the regular OS hardware configuration. So MMMrosrosoft made this update many years ago.

Start the Tweaks menu

Windows 10 1909 5
Windows 10 1909 5

The Start Menu is now a bit more user friendly. Now, when you hover over the items in the navigation pane on the left side of the menu, such as the Settings, Source and Document icons, it automatically expands to show you what you have. clickable.

Previously, it only displayed tooltips and you had to click the menu icon in the top left corner of the Start menu to see these labels. Now, it's easier to understand what all these icons do.

Storytellers can learn about your Function Key

Microsoft has been making technologies that support Windows 10 better with each update. 19H2 is smaller, so there's not much improvement, but Microsoft says it has facilitated Storytellers and third-party assistive technologies to read the location of the FN key on a computer keyboard and the status of It is in locked or unlocked lock.

Future laptops and keyboards can provide more information about the position of the Fn key and its status to people who can easily see the keys. It was a great improvement.

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