Which website design trends will be most popular

Which website design trends will be most popular - Of course, choosing the right industry is the most important - your industry will determine your success, so be sure to choose something popular. But, once you have decided, and think you have a good product, you need to focus on designing a website.

In an online business, your website is everything. There are some things in creating the web that are eternal. However, it is not anti-trend. To stay fresh, you have to follow some trends. It doesn't mean you should use it all. You want your page to be unique, so copying / pasting everything from other successful websites with similar content, segments or products is never a good idea. So balance is the only key to you

In this article, we will introduce some ideas that have started strong but will be even more popular next year. These small changes will create a different world, making your page more attractive. And better yet, these are all easy to combine, and will be done in a short time.

Add animations


Even if the site's sole purpose is pure information, that doesn't mean visitors will get bored while browsing it. But if you want a vibrant, eye-catching website, consider adding animations to the web

It is like adding a motion platform to create a world of difference in the overall appeal of the site. And if you're selling products, add animated explanations that show exactly how they work. People will find out right away if that's what they need.

It's easier to see what an item shows in seconds, by looking at an interesting animation, than reading the manual. Animation is a perfect opportunity to get customers' attention, making them like the product. Do not miss it!

Start by animating your logo, because that's what will be displayed throughout your site and is an important element of your brand. Getting a nice, unique logo and animation is easy, as animation tools are spreading, and there are many freelance designers on the Internet. And because the technology has gone so far, including web browsers, customers will have no problem running your site, even on mobile devices. People will have a fast connection and the animations you add will not slow down the website.

Be bold - Try new color combinations and fonts

Instead of following the trend, create a new one! Try new color schemes, browse for different fonts, make your website stand out and feel fresh. Once it is loaded, it makes a difference to the site! But be careful.

Make sure the font you choose is easy to read, it needs to be contrasted with the background. Choose strange colors, but don't make the page too colorful. People are visiting your website to receive information / buy products, so make sure that is the focus, all the rest should complement it, making people feel good while Browser. So, set a new trend, but respect some of the eternal design rules and you'll impress.

Use asymmetric design


In the past, asymmetry was equal to blasphemy. Designers hate it.

But that is a thing of the past. The asymmetrical home page will instantly feel different, making your site stand out. Just make sure you don't overdo it - add asymmetric elements here and there, but keep it subtle, you want to refresh what your page looks like, don't make it confusing and unusable. Just pay attention - too much asymmetry creates problems on other platforms with smaller screens. As more and more people browse the web from phones, you need to make sure your site remains mobile optimized after adding asymmetric elements.

Breaking the Addiction

Ethics has returned to web design. Apps are often meant to engage you as much as possible, distract them whenever they can, spam you with email promotions and keep sending mobile notifications. This is because they want you to spend more time staring at your screen, making manufacturers have more money. Nobody even thinks about the consequences - addiction, stress, anxiety and depression associated with the growing use of technology among teenagers.

People began to realize this and started fighting it the hard way. If you want to join the rebellion, you do two things - make your app less invasive (at least ask your users if they want to see notifications or turn them off by default). These changes will make the entire Internet a more pleasant place. And even if you are indifferent and don't care about the cause, being interested will make the customer like you more. At least until they realize you are fake, so try not to act.

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Optimized for mobile devices


In 2017 browsing from mobile devices surpassed desktop. As a matter of fact. Mobile web browsing has become the norm, and the sooner you accept this fact, the better. Your website needs to sparkle on all kinds of tablets and smartphones. If your visitors can't enjoy your page with their favorite device, they will look elsewhere, find others who perform better.

You should invest in an application specific to iOS / Android, especially when you are running an online store. It will cost you more, it will make you stand out and make the customer experience more pleasant. However, if you're not creating a mobile app, make sure your site is working perfectly, on what platform it is.

Customizable homepage


The traditional homepage will soon be forgotten. Instead, it is gradually being replaced by user-specific home pages that display results based on recent history, searches or locations. Every user gets suggestions on their previous preferences as soon as they load the site.

Key sites and services (e.g., YouTube) have had this feature for a long time, but more and more smaller sites / businesses are following. The least you can do is make your homepage available in different languages, which will automatically display based on the user's location. You also display some trends results from that particular area right on the homepage. But try not to go too far, people will feel like they are being watched if you overwork (remember the moral principles!).

Tell your story


If you want a dedicated audience or customer base, you need to present your brand to your customers. Every product you sell needs to have its own mark on it and every page on your site should have its own story. People like when they relate to the brand, and once they do, the only job is to provide quality, and they will stay customers forever. They will even recommend the brand to their friends and family, giving you free marketing.

Show customers how your business started, tell them more about you and your team, and how you work. Share your goals and vision for the future. It helps visitors and potential customers see that you are not doing it just for money, but because you are passionate about making your business great.

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As you can see, catching up with trends is not difficult. Add a few animations, change the color palette, present your personal story, and your page is now ready for 2019. But, those are some trends, keep track of any trends that will show up throughout. process of the year. Keeping the page up to date is extremely important and making the small changes we propose in this article will do just that. Just make sure you don't get caught up in the overhaul, especially if you have an established brand, you don't want to chase away your regular visitors and customers.

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