Why does the Windows Phone operating system have no land to live?

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Microsoft: a tech giant, famous for its Windows operating system, Microsoft Office office suites, Xbox consoles or Laptop Surface Pro hybrid tablets.
They are a large corporation, have a lot of money and probably not inferior to Apple or Google, but they have no foothold in the land of mobile devices.
Windows Phone seemed to have ended their ambition to enter this market, but no, they officially abandoned that operating system and continued with Android operating system.
So, why is Windows Phone operating system dead? And have you ever tried yourself to imagine a scenario if Windows Phone does not die, what would it be like? If you have never thought of it, then let's yourself imagine in this article!
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#first. Why is Windows Phone dead?

Previously, Windows used to have a huge market share of mobile devices from Windows Phone-based Feature Phones, and Windows-based Pocket PCs.
Until the arrival of iOS and Android, and the end of the glorious Nokia era, Microsoft bought Nokia, and manufactured smartphones using an operating system called Windows Phone 7.
Phone Nokia Lumia and HTC are the typical machines in this Windows Phone project! So why did it die?
windows-phone-chet-windows-phone-chet (2)

Here are some noticeable things:
There is not enough Apps repository for user needs: I have talked a lot about this issue, and this is really a critical death point for any smartphone operating system.
Poor features: Compared to iOS and Android, Windows Phone really lacks a lot of basic features of a smartphone.
Fragmentation of the operating system: A large number of devices running Windows Phone 8 have not been supported Update to Windows Phone 10.
There is no Google service: I don't know what the reason is, but the importance of this service set is obvious after Google stopped working with Huawei.
It is a closed operating system: It is not for users or even OEMs to customize software, so the operating system has become very boring.
There are many more, but typically, I think those are the fatal weaknesses of this operating system.

#2. Strengths of Windows Phone

Windows Phone is dead, doesn't mean it's comprehensive.
windows-phone-chet-windows-phone-chet (3)

Metro interface of the machine is easy to see, simple but outstanding. I like this square UI and black background, unfortunately there is no Android device customized according to this interface.
Windows Phone is very smooth, due to very good software algorithms, good RAM management, and the hardware that Microsoft requires for a Windows Phone is also very high compared to the general level.
The price of these machines is also quite cheap, starting from only $ 100.
Photo quality is very good. The camera can manually adjust many indicators, and has the ability to expose quite early, compared to Android or iOS.
It must be done already!

# 3. What will Windows Phone look like if it doesn't die?

So if Microsoft continues to develop, or not make those mistakes, how is Windows Phone now?
A fictional question about another future for Windows Phone, but Windows Phone 10 will actually be dead in December of this year.
Back to the question, if that happened, how would we have a Windows Phone operating system?
We will have smooth machines, with terrible hardware.
A Metro interface similar to the current Windows 10, and different from the rest of the smartphone world.
Terrible camera, for extremely high quality photo.
windows-phone-chet-windows-phone-chet (1)

Can sync well with Windows computers, the same way that the iPhone syncs with iPad and Macbook so.
A closed ecosystem of Microsoft similar to the way that Apple is doing. There are many things we can imagine, right?
Anyway, I'm sorry for Windows Phone, and this is also a bloody lesson for Microsoft itself in the next step with Android.
Do you have any regrets for this operating system? Leave your comments in the comments below. R.I.P!
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