Why your brand needs quality Logo?


Why your brand needs quality Logo? - In the branding process, you frame emotions, relationships, and everything else that gives you brand personality. Your ultimate goal is to stand out with your unique brand identity. It's not just a website, a color, a name or a logo, it's a significant overall style. What else could convey that style and express that unique identity more than a unique custom logo?

Investing in a logo will be an investment made by the way your customers perceive your brand and trustworthiness. For a business or brand, logo is a very important factor. A well-designed logo design is a pure visual representation of your business. A unique logo can win customers over the long term. It will continually build your brand image and enhance its development.

We associate a brand with a product or service or a company. But these two elements only become a brand when they have personality. The personality of a brand is made up of people's thoughts, emotions and perceptions. These things help people define a brand's personality in a way that attaches to them.

The brand's logo is its core visual identifier. It's a company image that communicates what your business does and what it offers. Although your color, language, website and message are important, the logo will be a factor in creating your brand image. So your logo is one thing you should consider if you are not reaching your customers in the way you were expecting. You should see if it is professionally created and it demonstrates your company's value properly.


When hiring custom and unique logo designs, the designers have scrutinized your business. They will think and provide appropriate design elements to convey the message your business represents. Professional designers use such fonts and colors to help communicate your brand properly. For example, blue displays for communication and intelligence, green shows health and nature, and purple symbolizes royal and elegance. A professional designer must be aware of those elements and implement it in a way that fits your logo design.

Think of big companies like Red Bull, Google and McDonald. All three logos of these companies have appeared in your mind. Other less successful companies are not so memorable and not so great. This shows their annual sales as well.

When you know what type of customers you want to target, what your business offers them, a designer must know that to work. If you are trying to figure out whether you should contact a logo designer or not. Below you will find all the many reasons to hire a designer to create a custom and unique logo for your brand.

You are the most outstanding


The image design of a brand must always be unique so that it gets noticed even in crowded markets. This gives you a competitive advantage in your market among other companies that look less attractive. So it is important that you ask your designer to carefully review the competitor's logo and make something better.

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You can better target your audience

The principle of a successful marketing campaign is to focus your time, energy and money to attract a specific group of customers. Therefore, it is important that you create some memorable marketing materials such as business cards, websites, social media sites, promotional videos, etc.

Having a logo is irreplaceable in any of these materials. It will have to be there no matter what type of marketing material you produce, so people can associate it with your brand. Logo is the most important part of graphic design when targeting your audience.

Benefits of an corporate identity


As we mentioned, having an identity is the key to a successful brand. A corporate identity is essential for your company to keep growing. The process of doing that is to accurately position your brand in your target market. One of the most influential factors representing your company is the company logo. It will be the face and the most basic tool that will be recognized and familiar with your perspective customers. Therefore, the process of creating your logo must always take place with the ideas and demographics of your target audience.

It sends messages

You can get your message across forcefully with a thought through logo design. Your perspective customers will determine their purchase based on the signals they receive from you. Having a colorful and artistic representative of the business sent a message that you appreciate creativity and originality that then becomes part of the overall brand image. A professionally designed logo will create your message with the font, colors, symbols and layout that it uses.

It shows what your core values ​​are


Your logo sends a visual signal to your target customers. As we mentioned, colors convey specific messages and are associated with certain emotions in people's minds. Red can convey feelings of love, passion or anger, will work well for a dating site, martial arts training club or anything else related to exercise. Green is related to health and nature, works really well with pharmaceutical products or products made from natural ingredients.

Good to know before you pay for a custom Logo

Although a professional designer knows what he is doing, so should you. You will have to have a few expectations to live up to and make sure that what you get is the perfect logo for your brand. If you don't have any professional logo design skills, hiring an expert or a freelancer is your best option. But only if you can create a clear guide for him to follow, so that he can create a logo of your brand perfectly. So in this section, we will share a few essential tips to make sure that your new logo design is worth the money.

Know your brand and what you want

Once you've decided to hire an expert to create your logo, your most important job is knowing exactly what you want. What are the unique characteristics of your company that sets it apart from other companies? Is your staff more accessible? Does your product have unique features? What kind of value does your organization have? Anything that can give the logo more personality will be valuable. Start with the most important traits and work your way. The most effective logos are not only unique, they are a perfect embodiment of what the company stands for.

Your logo should show the main characteristics of the brand. Consistency is what you should aim for.

The most common logo types


You will not find anything new even when it comes to logo design. There are three main types of logos. You will have a logo based on illustrations or graphics. You will have a logo based entirely on the font with your company name. Finally, there are logo-based logos like Adidas'. You will also be able to combine any of these. But it's good to consider which one you think will best suit your brand.

Simplicity is the priority

Simplicity in your design allows your brand to be more clear. Your logo should not have too many details as it can create confusion. If people have to think too much to understand its message then something is wrong with it. Take the Apple Logo or Microsoft Logo as an example. They are logos that people recognize immediately.

Flexibility is important

Your logo must be flexible enough for you to place it on any type of marketing material. It can look good even if you expand it to be placed on a large billboard. Your logo will easily become part of billboard design. If you keep it simple, this section won't matter.

Avoid a cliche design


One of the biggest mistakes a business or brand can make in logo design is making it stereotypical. With stereotyped designs, there is nothing different or special about your brand.

Take a look at Starbucks. Their logo does not necessarily give the impression that it is a cafe, but it is extremely successful. The logo they use records the history of Seattle's strong coffee and seaport roots. Not to mention that it is very unique. It has also become a recognized symbol as a status symbol.

Find a suitable designer


If you're hiring an expert from the internet, it's best to do it on a $ 100 + budget. Chances are you won't be happy with the $ 20 logo you get from fiverr. You also won't get many modifications that way. If you want a truly professional design for your logo, then you will have to invest more. But in return, you will get what you want with the least frustration and anxiety.

You don't need to follow popular logo design trends

It seems that following the design trend will immediately help your logo add traction and it can be true in the fashion world. However, that is not true in the design world because it removes your design from its uniqueness. Following a trend means you are immersed in the crowd. That's the first thing you want to avoid with a unique logo design, right? It's smart to check logo trends for inspiration and especially don't misuse one of them.

Have patience

Logos take a lot of time to design because few people get them in the first place. They require a lot of modifications if you are picky and the designers are running out of ideas with every new version they make. Just know that modifications and new ideas take time to produce, even for an expert.

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Create your own Logo


If you really have a tight budget, you can try to create your own logo. It may not be professional, but if you advocate your creativity, you can think of a great logo that supports your brand. And there are few simple logo design tools that you can use to create your own custom logo. That is:

  • LogoJoy

  • Logo Manufacturer of Ucraft

  • LogoSprings generator

  • Logoshi

  • Logaster


With the right color, typography, layout and other elements, your logo will be one of the most powerful elements in your brand. It will be able to convey the message perfectly and to the right audience, while attracting people to do business with you.

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