10 quickest tips to reduce shopping cart abandonment


10 quickest tips to reduce shopping cart abandonment - The steps involved in turning store visitors into customers, are many things that will be wrong in that process. One such step would be a problem with the checkout process, when the customer has chosen the product they like and will buy but decides not to make the transaction.

This is called shopping cart abandonment and it happens in fashion, booking, travel, etc. Fortunately, the cart abandonment rate will be tracked and the data you collect will often provide give you explanations why customers abandon their shopping carts.

We will discuss the reasons why the customer decided to abandon the shopping cart and how you can reduce the shopping cart abandonment rate.

  1. Avoid hidden costs


Hidden costs like shipping charges, handling fees and the like are the biggest causes of shopping cart abandonment. Up to 28% of customers reported unexpected shipping costs as the main reason they gave up buying.

Customers hate shipping or handling charges, so if you want to eliminate shopping cart abandonment due to unexpected shipping charges, make sure you are completely transparent: Tell customers about freight or other fees they have to pay.

Online shoppers are very focused on shipping, which is why the online store will include freight in the cost of the product, thus encouraging shoppers to buy more online.

  1. Provide payment services for guests


Speed ​​is another aspect favored by online shoppers, from quickly searching for information to fast loading websites, the speed is conducive to a pleasant user experience. Therefore, creating an account before ordering will result in an abandoned cart.

The solution is to have a payment service for customers, reducing the time customers spend to create accounts.

  1. Shorten the payment process


The payment takes too much time is also a serious drawback. Whether it's a multi-page payment process or whether there are too many areas that customers must complete, a lengthy checkout process leads to customers completing transactions.

Implementing the fastest process will reduce the number of customers who give up. The sooner the buyer completes the order, the better.

  1. Address security concerns


Security concerns when requesting to submit their billing information. The forms of transactions seem outdated and unreliable and will be wary when submitting payment details.

There are many ways to create trust with customers. You display famous security logos (e.g., Verified by Visa, or Ver VerSS Secured Secured) in a visible location on your site or select other forms of social trust devices ( reviews, testimonials, etc.).

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  1. Provide many shipping options


Limited purchase time (e.g. birthday, anniversary, holidays) requires expedited shipping. If it takes too long, customers have no choice but to abandon their shopping carts and go elsewhere, where they find expedited shipping.

Although customers do not like to spend on regular shipping, they are willing to spend more on express delivery, so be sure to include it as a shipping option.

  1. Provide many payment options


Having payment options is a serious obstacle that online shoppers will want to abandon the shopping cart.

To avoid losing customers, provide as many payment options as possible, including local payment options if you're also shipping the product to other countries.

  1. Provide customer support


Usually, you will need help while shopping. Whether they have questions regarding the product or other requirements, if they have the ability to contact customer care will greatly increase the shopping experience.

The lack of support will cause customers to need help hesitating to continue buying. Live chat or ways to contact support will reduce the skip rate due to this problem.

  1. Create favorable return policy


Buyers are also tired of adverse return policies such as those with less than 30-day returns or charging policies with different reimbursement costs.

Reasonable and thoughtful return policy will help shoppers be more comfortable buying and have less second thought about pressing the return button.

  1. Shopper remarketing


Now, sometimes shopping carts are abandoned for reasons other than bad payment design or bad payment experience. Part of the customer simply researches, compares prices, compares shipping, etc. and add products to their shopping carts by chance or for the purpose of saving products to buy later. For customers to buy products.

  1. The issue of coupon codes


Many checks have a coupon code field that will lead customers to believe they are missing out on a deal or paying for something. When they couldn't find the coupon code, they decided to give up on shopping and look for better deals elsewhere.

If you are not running an ongoing promotion, skip the field and implement the automated coupon code or coupon code system applied via email or popup.

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These are the most important reasons why shoppers leave their products behind. User behavior tracking tools help you identify other problematic areas in your store, such as cumbersome navigation between shopping carts and online stores, slow page loads, long check-in process, etc. and choose this information to improve customer shopping.