2 ways to handle shaky videos extremely effectively and easily

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Currently the new smartphone phones have equipped with a dual camera and anti-shake mode when taking photos or recording videos, in order to increase the quality of images and videos when recording.
However, if you own mid-range phones or low-cost student models, the problem of shaking video is still an unavoidable error if you do not have much experience.
Therefore, to fix as well as handle videos that are shaky when recording, today I will share with you a few ways to fix those errors simply, to return a video status. smoother.
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Method # 1: Handle shaky videos with Google Photos

+ Step 1: First you visit the store CH Play (Google Play) if you use Android or App Store If you are using iPhone => and enter the keyword google photos => then navigate to the application Google Photos => select CẬP NHẬT or CÀI ĐẶT...
how-to-get-a-video-bi-shake-lac (6)

+ Step 2: Next, click MỞ app up for us to start using.
how-to-get-a-video-bi-shake-lac (7)

+ Step 3: Here you check Ảnh or Album to open the shaky video file you need to handle.
how-to-video-bi-vibration-lac (8)

+ Step 4: Then select the effects icon as shown below ...
how-to-video-bi-vibration-lac (9)

=> then click the button Ổn định...
video-ly-ly-video-bi-rung-lac (10)

... to reset image transition effects and reduce shake in videos.
how-to-video-bi-shake-lac (11)

+ Step 5: After Google Photos has finished processing, you choose Lưu to save the video file under the smooth, smoother effect of Google Photos.
how-to-get-a-video-bi-shake-lac (12)

Wait a moment for Google Photos to process the video saving process is finished.
how-to-get-a-video-bi-shake-lac (13)

In addition to stabilizing videos right on Smartphone, if you need to quickly handle videos without having to install the application, as well as updaters of Google Photos, you can refer to the second way below ...

Method # 2: Handle shake on video with the Web application on PC

I'm going to use an online tool so you won't have to install any heavy software or applications on your PC, and it's still important to be able to handle video shaking. effective.
+ Step 1: First, you access the following address: https://video-stabilize.com/
+ Step 2: Here, click on the button Upload you movie to select Video from computer.
Or You can also Upload directly via cloud storage accounts such as Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive. It's up to you ..
video-ly-ly-video-bi-rung-lac (1)

+ Step 3: Here I choose one, which means I will upload videos from my computer => and then press Open to upload.
video-ly-ly-video-bi-rung-lac (2)

+ Step 4: After the Upload is successful, click Transform Video to make the conversion.
how-to-get-a-video-bi-shake-lac (4)

+ Step 5: The conversion process will take a few minutes, fast or slow, it will depend on the size of the video you upload.
how-to-get-a-video-bi-shake-lac (3)

+ Step 6: After waiting for the conversion is complete => click on the button Download Result to download the processed video. And enjoy the results ^^!
video-ly-ly-video-bi-rung-lac (5)

# 3. Epilogue

Okay so that's it, I have detailed instructions for you 2 how to handle shaky videos in a very simple and quick way. You do not need to be a professional video processor to be able to handle it easily, right 🙂
Here, the instructions how fix shaky video I also would like to pause. Hope this tip will be helpful to you.
Good luck !
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