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#first. Sharing grief is a way to reduce suffering

In life is full of ups and downs, and there are many emotions that people have experienced. From happiness, sadness, happiness to suffering, happiness .... These are the different emotions of each person in different circumstances.
When you are happy, you really want to share that joy with everyone. Everyone will be happy with you and your joy will multiply.
Otherwise, when you are sad, what will you do?
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Yes ! Each one of us must say that if we are sad, please share and everyone will contribute to ease that pain.
But that's not necessarily the case, my friend, in this life, when you share something sad or say that you suffer, there will be very few people sympathize with you, and gestures. it only comes to really kind people.
But in this society, there are very few people, most if you say your suffering they will laugh at you and make fun of you, maybe they will sprinkle salt on your pain. Therefore, sharing the wrong person also makes you more pressure and more sad, and lose confidence in this society only.
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So if you want to let go of your sadness, then find the right people to talk to, your loved ones like your parents, siblings, or close friends who are always reliable people to share your pain with. Remember !
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#2. Action reflects people

Until now, there are many people still have the notion that action will reflect the most accurate and accurate about a person. Saying so is like saying, "Mirrors always tell the truth."
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If you stand in front of a mirror, it will reflect your outer image. But you know the mirror can never reflect how human you are, your dignity and personality.
That only you know yourself. In front of the mirror you may be ugly, but inside you is a great soul, a kind heart, loving people and vice versa ...
And so does action! We should not just look at a problem face to face and consider the whole thing. Do not look at actions that judge a person.

# 3. People with status and lots of money are always happy

This is one of the most misleading, utterly wrong thoughts!
In this life, money and position have a great influence but do not assume that having money and position is fun.
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There are many people who have money but life is not happy or comfortable. Living in that situation, they were weighed down by the pressure of money and position.
In the end, they seldom feel the simplest things. Most people just look at their appearance with money, status, monumental dress is happiness.
But we don't know what to do if they are in their situation. In contrast, there are people who are poor in money but rich in emotion. They live happily, optimistically and happily, they are loved by everyone ...

# 4. Epilogue

So I have just shared with you 3 misconceptions of life that many people are suffering from. Hope this knowledge will change the way you see with those around you.
In addition to the concepts I just shared above, if you still see any thoughts that many people are mistaken, please leave a comment below to let everyone discuss!
Have fun, and have more useful knowledge through the Blog!
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