5 interesting things about Archery in Minecraft that you should know

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Minecraft There are many modes, many worlds for you to freely choose. The most popular, experienced by many players, is the survival mode.
In this mode, your mission is to survive, survive as long as possible. In order to survive in Minecraft, you must know how to exploit resources, hunt, gather, cultivate, ...
These activities will help you survive effectively and permanently in the game Minecraft. But to hunt for gathering, you not only need to be brave, strong ... but you must equip yourself with the appropriate weapons to be able to hunt and defend better.
There are many types of weapons and tools that will help you perform such tasks such as swords, bows, trident, etc. But I feel the most interesting is the bow and arrow, because it helps you to be able to Attack, self-defense at a distance is quite effective.
In addition, the bow also helps you a lot in destroying the final Boss, the dragon Ender. But surely you do not know all about the other great uses of it. So today I will show you 5 interesting things about bows and arrows in Minecraft, so you can use it better.
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I. What is archery?

As you all know in real life, bows and arrows were invented by mankind long ago for their hunting and self-defense work.
The bow and arrow consist of a bow and arrow, a long range weapons system with elastic equipment and long bullets. Similar to reality, the bow in Minecraft is the same. It is also a long range weapons device, has also and arrows. The long range of the Palace can be up to 9-10 blocks.

II. Formula to make bows and arrows in Minecraft

Supply: To create the Palace, you must prepare 3 wooden sticks and 3 silk threads. The wooden stick can be made from blocks of wood or can be extracted from dry sentences, while the string will fall when you defeat the spider in the cave or break its silk. After you have enough materials on you start work on manufacturing. You use that material on the crafting part as shown to be able to create a bow.
5-million-characters-in-minecraft-in-minecraft (2)

Arrow: To be able to use the bow, you must have an arrow. The required material is an igneous rock (which can scavenge the stones), a wooden stick, and a chicken feather (which falls off when killing a chicken). Then place the necessary materials on the crafting as shown to create bows and arrows.
5-million-characters-in-minecraft-in-minecraft (3)

#first. Bow and arrow when enchanting will have many different uses and powers

If you've been playing Minecraft for a long time, you probably know, objects can be enchanted or forged to become stronger, more features.
The bow is no exception. The bows and arrows in Minecraft have a lot of magic spells, especially arrows. When enchanted, they will have quite a large power.
Some common types of magic spells are: poisoned bows and arrows, rocket bows, bows and arrows to accelerate, ……… Most of them have the same effect as the potions. As for Bow, the most popular is probably the archery that never runs out of arrows, sounds great right? 😀

#2. Archery will shoot through lava, which will form a bow and arrow

If you don't know, the bow and arrow can increase the damage when shooting through lava. Meanwhile, the normal arrows will become fire arrows and have damage 3-4 times higher than normal arrows.
In addition, enemies also burn and slowly lose blood over time. This is a good use of the Bow, although your vision is slightly reduced.
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# 3. The bow when thrown to the ground will be able to bow like the bow you hold in hand

If you haven't tried it, do this now to see the good things. First, prepare more than 2 bows => then put 1 bow on the ground => next let the bow you hold in your hand, finally admire what happens.
Then the bow and arrow on the ground will repeat the bow and bow movements of the bow you are holding. But if you do archery, the underground bows will not shoot.
This could be an error or an intention of the game developer. But it was really nice, isn't it 😛
5-minecraft-characters-in-minecraft-in-minecraft (6)

# 4. Pin the arrows to TNT to create an arrow explosion

To be able to do this experiment, prepare yourself for a TNT, arrow (as much as possible), a lighter to activate TNT.
First, use your Bow and Arrow to pin the arrows to the TNT as much as possible => Then use the lighter to activate the TNT => The result is that the TNT explodes, accompanied by a rain of arrows that can cause Very good area damage.
5-minecraft-characters-in-minecraft-in-minecraft (5)

# 5. Use your bow and arrow to teleport

If you play Minecraft long enough, you will know that one thing that can help you move from one place to another is that Ngoc Ender. But you probably don't know, bows and arrows can do the same.
To prepare a movable bow, you need the Command Block. First go to Command Block and enter the command execute @e(type=arrow)~~~tp @p~~~ => Next move Command Block xang Repeat => Finally activate by placing a stone block next to => After you have finished you can use the bow to teleport.
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Very interesting is not it: V

III. End

Above is my article about 5 interesting things about bows and arrows in Minecraft that you should know to play the game more interesting. Wish you can successfully implement the above experiments and apply well in your survival work.
Hopefully the article will be useful to you.
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