5 interesting things about lava blocks (magma) in Minecraft

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As you all know the game, Minecraft game currently is gaining a lot of love of the players by the richness, newness of the game.
The world in Minecraft is made up of different blocks. The blocks here are 3D cubes, colorful and vivid. They are mostly resources to help you survive effectively in the game.
Each puzzle has different uses, and is accompanied by interesting things about them. Today, I will introduce to you about the lava blocks (magma) and the cool, interesting things about them.
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I. What is a lava block?

The lava block, in English is called the Magma block. They are orange cubes, on them are black veins.
The design of the lava block's appearance is inspired by the actual lava flow, to increase the authenticity of the game.
In Minecraft, Magma blocks appear primarily in hell. It is one of the main elements that make up the hell world.
Just like in real life, they are extremely hot and can cause damage to the creatures on them. You can dig them with any tool because they are quite easy to break.
The main use of lava blocks is often used to create traps, unique machines, ..
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#first. Lava blocks can cause damage

If in the game, you once went to hell, you would have come across lava blocks.
When you walk over or step on them, they will immediately cause you to lose blood, if standing too long can cause you to lose your life.
But do not worry, you just need to sit down, all the damage of the Magma block will not affect you. Although the running speed is greatly reduced, it is very effective.
Despite being able to deal quite a large amount of damage to the creatures that step on them, there are also some types that are not vulnerable when stepping on them, those are Mobs living in hell, they are resistant to fire, Extremely good heat resistance.
They can walk very normally on lava blocks. The types of mobs that can resist Magma blocks such as: Pig monsters, hell ghosts, black bone monsters, ....
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There is a good thing about the Magma block, but you probably do not know that animals die when the Magma block will not drop cooked meat but only raw meat as usual. Unlike when you use fire to kill them, they will drop cooked meat and Magma block will not.
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#2. Block when placed under the rain will smoke

When you collect magma blocks from hell to return to the normal world and experience the rain, immediately the lava blocks will give rise to black smoke. Similarly in the water it will bubbly, very interesting.
lava-in-minecraft (3)
When magma blocks meet water, they will immediately be cooled down and you can freely move on it without bleeding.

# 3. Ice shoes can help you avoid damage from magma blocks

If you are too tired to sit down when moving through the lava block, it is too slow and takes a lot of time, then prepare yourself an ice shoe to be able to walk normally on the lava block.
Ice shoes are not an existing item, to get them you have to enchant or press them into ice shoes.
How to create ice shoes: First, prepare a pair of shoes, a Fire Protection IV enchantment and an anvil => Then use all those items to place on the anvil.
lava-in-minecraft (2)
Note: All fire resistant items such as fire resistant shoes, hats, jackets, armor, fire retardants, can not help you avoid damage from Magma block.

# 4. Placing items with a shoe surface smaller than half a block will still have blood loss when standing up

You should pay close attention, not having to put anything on the lava block also avoids damage when going up. Which blocks are less than half the thickness will not help you that, including snow to carpet, ...
So if you want to use the way to place blocks on lava blocks to avoid damage, you should pay attention to choose objects thicker than half of the block to perform!
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# 5. Magma blocks are quite easy to destroy

The lava block is a fairly easy to break resource, because it has low durability. Besides, it is not as picky as diamond digging tools.
This is considered the easiest block in Minecraft. The speed of digging lava blocks with your bare hands is 2.5 seconds, breaking with wooden cup is 0.4 seconds, stone cup is 0.2 seconds, iron cup is 0.15 seconds, gold cup is equal to metal cup is 0 ,1 second.

II. End

Above are some basic features of the lava block, as well Interesting uses about lava blocks. Wish you will have many creative works with lava blocks and note when using it because it can cause damage to you.
Hopefully the article will be helpful to you. I wish you happy gaming 🙂
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