7 alternatives to the best free Web Hosting


7 alternatives to Free Web Hosting - Running a website costs a lot of money and administrators are constantly looking for ways to cut costs. Attractive free web hosting, and it has been booming lately. Free web hosting providers aren't what they advertise for themselves because they have strict restrictions on increase time, storage capacity, download speed and bandwidth. These restrictions can make your website thoroughly implemented. Moreover, some of these websites are not fully secure, leaving your information at risk. Here are the best free web hosting options:

  1. iPage


iPage began operating in 1998 and was purchased by Endurance International in 2010. It serves over a million websites from its two data centers in the US. This is one of the cheapest hosting managers in the industry for $ 1.99 a month. iPage has a unique shared hosting package that provides unlimited domains, unlimited databases and unlimited disk space.

The company has adopted a one-size-fits-all strategy that contains all the resources that a small business will need. iPage uses vDeck control panel, unlike most cPanel companies. You will also get one-click installation for platforms like WordPress, PixelPost, Drupal and Joomla.

iPage has also mastered the art of pricing. You can sign up for a referral price of $ 1.99 a month for up to three years. Few companies can compete on $ 80 web hosting discount for three years.

iPage also shines when it comes to customer support. Their 24/7 team can be accessed via email, phone, tickets and chat. These channels are easy to find and use that make iPage stand out. The company's 99.8% uptime is also impressive considering its cheap price when hosting with iPage.

One drawback of iPage is the slow loading time. Load speed directly affects SEO rankings, which is why they are so essential. Their innovation price is also discouraged. When your plan time is over, you can pay up to 350% to extend your plan. iPage has also refused to use cPanel more user-friendly than vDeck.

  1. HostGator


HostGator hosting serves small business websites with reasonably priced hosting packages, fast speeds, WordPress cloud plans and reliable support. It usually offers cheaper packages than similar sized competitors and their resources are sufficient for most customers. Their robust infrastructure has also earned them a good hosting reputation.

You can sign up for $ 2.75 / month for three years. The company promises a 45-day money back guarantee if users are dissatisfied with their service. HostGator will transfer a website to your new domain for free within 30 days of signing up for shared hosting.

The company has customized the latest cPanel update to make it extremely user friendly. HostGator has a very high uptime guarantee that you can monitor on your control panel. You can request a month of hosting credit if this promising uptime is missing. HostGator has many guides and FAQ pages to inform their users.

HostGator uses standard pricing tips. To sign up for big discounts, for example, you'll have to choose for a 3-year plan. If you choose the monthly option, the monthly rate will increase from 50 to 150%, which is very expensive. Their download time is also average and you can get faster speeds with smaller websites.

  1. GreenGeeks


GreenGeeks began operations in 2008 after being founded by Trey Gardner, who has worked with many hosting companies such as iPage, Globat and Hostpapa. As the name implies, the company provides web hosting services that are environmentally friendly. It prides itself on being able to provide 300% renewable energy by renewable energy, which means it delivers three times the wind energy credit it uses. Its general mission is to provide the fastest web hosting service without adversely affecting the environment.

This low carbon footprint does not mean that it is less likely to perform well compared to its counterparts. Although it may be smaller than the opponent, it wins in terms of personal attention. Users of the authentication platform really fast and solid support, easy access.

GreenGeeks has three shared hosting packages, promising unlimited domain names, bandwidth, email accounts and hosting. A one year free domain name is also provided. Renewal prices for domain names after the free year are expensive. GreenGeeks is not interested in becoming a domain registrar, so it is better if you source for a domain name elsewhere. The cheapest plan is Ec and Starter for $ 2.95 / month if you choose a long-term contract.

GreenGeeks provides additional WordPress hosting and resellers. In addition to pricing, GreenGeekboasts of fast infrastructure, reliable and secure data center and technology options. The company has earned an A spot with a better Sales Office speaking out for its excellent online reputation.

GreenGeeks is listed as a Green Energy Partner by the US-based Environmental Protection Agency. If sustainability is on your list of concerns, GreenGeeks may be the foundation for you.

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  1. Bluehost


Bluehost was launched in 1996 and now has more than two million websites. It has established a long-term relationship with the WordPress community and has been recommended by the platform since 2006. Bluehost has a good reputation among beginner clients and budget administrators.

The company has a referral price of $ 2.75 / month. Basic plan includes 50 GB disk space, five email accounts, a website, free website builder and unlimited bandwidth. These resources are sufficient for a single website. If you upgrade to the Plus plan, you get unlimited storage, ten websites and anti-spam tools for $ 6.95.

WordPress users can choose any of the three packages that are affordable. These plans include hundreds of WordPress themes, come with installed platforms and have a staged environment where users can make changes and sample them before they appear on their websites. You will receive additional services including updates for WordPress Core.

Bluehost takes security very seriously and you will access many different privacy options on this website. You can limit spam with tools like Spam Hammer and Spam Assassin. It also adds CloudFare support to prevent DDoS attacks that can trigger a downed website by navigating a fake traffic flow from multiple sources. Bluehost also had the best increase in the context of hosting at 99.99%, higher than the industry standard 99.94%.

  1. InMotion Hosting


InMotion operates two data centers in Virginia Beach and Los Angeles. It has been around since 2001 and as a result has some of the best industry guarantees. Its 99.95% uptime is fairly fair considering it is on the budget list. The cheapest package is Launch for $ 5.99 a month with two websites and unlimited storage, disk space and email accounts.

The best thing about InMotion is that it's easy to upgrade as you scale your website. In addition to shared hosting, the company also provides allowances for VPS, dedicated server hosting and enterprise-class hosting.

InMotion has a faster server speed of about 808ms. Another area where the company stands out is live chat support. It had A + with BBB Business Review and because it was regularly reviewed, it had to allocate great resources to customer support. Their first response time is usually less than a minute and customer representatives are adequately knowledgeable.

InMotion offers free website migration to new users, although it does not guarantee zero downtime during migration. If you choose to host WordPress, your website will be equipped with the Sucuri plugin which regularly scans websites for security risks and allows remote backup.

InMotion will continually create backups for your website up to 10 GB and provide an easy tool to manually back up your accounts. InMotion has also sought active cooperation with major e-commerce platforms like Prestashop.

Like most web hosting companies, the price of inMotion is only valid when you sign up for a long time, usually two years. New customers are verified by phone and may even be required to send ID photos that can discourage international customers.

  1. FastComet


From its headquarters in San Francisco, FastComet serves thousands of customers in 83 countries. Their server locations include Tokyo, Chicago and Amsterdam. FastComet has managed to stay private since it was launched and it has a unique presence in an industry dominated by corporations like Endurance International.

The company's website includes pictures and names of its small size endorsement team. FastComet can provide fast and friendly support because of its small group. Despite this size, however, FastComet offers competitive service. For example, its uptime at an average of 99.97%, very attractive for website administrators.

At the bottom of the shared hosting packages is StartSmart at $ 2.95 / month. It supports a single website, a lifetime free domain, untested traffic and 15 GB SSD storage. The ScaleRight package starts at $ 5.95 for multiple websites and 25 GB SSD capacity. The SpeedUp package is at the bottom of the ladder at $ 9.95 for 35 GB SSD storage.

FastComet ensures a specific amount of resources that your website will not be affected if their server is congested as usual with shared hosting. FastComet does not increase renewal prices.

You will also choose which datacenter you want your website to be managed. FastComet money back guarantee is 45 days, which means the company is quite confident in the quality of its service. The download speed of the company however is not as fast as you expect.

  1. Hostinger


Hostinger was revealed in 2004 with the mission to provide valuable web hosting services that do not limit what users can do with their websites. It currently serves 29 million customers in many countries. Hostinger also takes advantage of popular pricing tactics in the industry. For example, if you commit to a four year contract, you will only pay $ 1.45.

Renewal prices will jump to $ 7.99 / month after these four years. You will have access to 10 GB disk space and 100 GB bandwidth for a website and subdomain. Hostinger's servers are distributed in Asia, UK and the United States and they use 1000 Mbps connection for fast speed.

Hostinger users can use the free website builder provided by the platform which includes many different templates. It is also easy to use the control panel because it has large icons for easier navigation. This table may be confusing for people who have used the standard cPanel.

Hostinger takes advantage of multilingual customer support for its customers and they provide Contact as their main support system. However, users may be disappointed when buying additional domain names.

Why use better paid hosting?

A free server may provide all the resources you need, but some websites will need additional features that are only available with paid plans. Beginners often work well with free or low-cost packages, but as their website grows, the need for upgrades will become imminent. Paid hosting is better than free hosting because:

Ad overloaded

Most free servers depend on advertising to operate. This is simply the presence of many unwanted ads. Visitors to your platform will be treated with advertising banners on your pages in addition to those that pop up with each click. These ads will obscure your content and compromise the professionalism of your website.

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With paid hosting, you pay for the resources needed to keep the website running. Most companies have uptime guarantee and if not achieved, you can request monthly credits. With free hosting, these companies are less reliable and resources are deployed at their discretion. E-commerce businesses can lose sales due to long downtime and frustrated visitors. Your website also needs the kind of quality security infrastructure available with paid hosting.

Space and bandwidth

Free web hosting is limited, especially for large websites. If your website includes videos, photos, maps and MP3 downloads, paid plans will usually have the type of hosting you need. These files also require increased bandwidth as the amount of data transfer required to display your website when visitors access your server from their device. If your visitors often post comments, shop on your site and download directions, you will need a server to support your high level of bandwidth needs.


It is essential to have access to a support group if you have difficulty with your website. Paid hosting usually guarantees 24/7 support via live chat, email and phone. Free web hosting may be slow to concern your concerns.


Even the most famous free web hosts offer services below industry standards. Free web hosting can be considered a marketing tool because the terms and conditions are constantly being adjusted because there is no financial incentive. The restrictions imposed by these companies prevent your website from working properly.