A closer analysis of General Valhein in the Mobile Alliance

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Welcome back to the Knowledge Sharing Blog, just like every other day, find a champion every day 😀 and in today's article, I'll analyze the champion Who in Liên Liên Mobile okay!
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I. The plot of General Valhein

Before becoming Thợ săn ác quỷ, Valhein's whole family is just a tribute to the flood Huyết tộc. They are simply fat goats raised daily until Consanguinity need to provide food only.
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As an elite member of the family, Valhein decided not to continue this dark fate, he used his legendary gun to destroy the enemy's shackles and chains once and for all.
Valhein's protest was like a fire spreading quickly on day 1. More and more members joined and from here, Valhein befriended his closest companion, Violet.
However big it is, the resistance of one part of humanity is still too small for decades of dominance. Consanguinity.
Facing the fierce counterattack of the Bloodline, Valhein decided to lead the entire force to Originating castle desire to find protection.
Wishing for the safety of the leaders, Valhein, Violet and the other warriors stayed to intercept.
Despite the victory and the leaders are safe, but the price is still too high. And Valhein has vowed that one day he will make a crowd Consanguinity pay for their crimes.
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II. General characteristics Valhein

#first. Advantages of the Valhein

- Possesses a large amount of damage, and can deal on a large scale.
- Has fast movement speed thanks to intrinsic.
- The ability to fly kites extremely uncomfortable.
- Can stun single target multiple times from both attack and hand attack
- Especially possesses the ability to shock single-target damage fast and strong.
- Can be up according to magic damage or physical damage combined with crit.
- It is also possible to use defensive equipment without greatly affecting the damage.
- Has the fastest attack speed, Lien Lien Mobile.
- Can be used on many different roads.

#2. Disadvantages of General Valhein

- The ability to stun much depends on luck from the intrinsic so it is difficult to predict unexpected situations.
- The ultimate moves to damage single target strongly but needs to hit all light rays.
- No high mobility maneuvers to cross the terrain.

III. The skill set of General Valhein

mobile-distribution-valhein-mobile-system (5)
mobile-solution-valhein-valhein-mobile-related (3) Passive Passive: For every 3rd attack, Valhein randomly selects a dart with a specific use. And there are points Hunter help Valhein Speed ​​up the run and the maximum is 5 times.
  • Red dart: Has more physical power and ability to hit targets when they are close together.
  • Gold darts: Deals damage and stuns the target.
  • Green dart: Helping Valhein regain energy.
Analysis: Choosing a random dart is lucky for each player. In particular, each dart has a unique use that will help Valhein take the initiative and take more advantages in each given case.
Also stun's ability Gold darts Valhein has more control, if you are lucky in combat you can stun continuously and make the target do nothing and help you can comfortably fly extremely uncomfortable.
mobile-distribution-valhein-mobile-system (2) Adventure hunting: Valhein darts a special red dart at enemies that deal physical damage and adds magic damage.
Analysis: Adventure hunting helps Valhein have more damage as well as the ability to hit the target extremely well. In addition, you can also accumulate points Hunter help increase running speed.
mobile-distribution-valhein-valhein-mobile-related (1) Exorcism: Valhein throws gold darts at targets with bonus damage control and stunning effects.
Analysis: Exorcism Ability to stun the target helps Valhein can protect himself from assassins rushing in.
Or so is the premise to help Valhein have an advantage in exchanging skills with the opponent. Not only that, the stun also helps Valhein increase the ability to flee as well as fly uncomfortable kites.
mobile-distribution-valhein-mobile-system (4)Bullet storm: Valhein shoots out 6 flying bullets and the bullets follow a straight line that deals physical and magic damage to hit targets. Also increases the movement speed and attack speed for Valhein.
Analysis: Hurricane bullet Valhein is a large source of damage generated in a short time. This gives Valhein the ability to deal quick and strong damage.
Not only that, increasing the speed and attack speed for Valhein helps you fly a better kite and ability to run and chase enemies faster.

IV. Note when playing General Valhein

- Valhein is a champion that deals with hand damage and basic attacks, so when you play this champion, you need to pay attention and know that Hit and run.
- Valhein's mutation depends on passive stun, ability 2 and ability to shock damage of ultimate. So make good use of these 2 skills!

V. Conclusion

So I finished the lesson Analysis of General Valhein in Mobile Union Alright then. C
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