Adversity: Taking a path or an opportunity to shine?

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The desire to be happy is always one of the greatest dreams of one's life. It motivates us to keep trying and striving incessantly to reach the sweet taste of the ripe fruity aroma - brilliant success.
However, the road to glorious happiness is not just full of roses? Along the way, we all have to face a lot of storms, thorns, even constant pain.
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The dangers can strike at any time, pushing people to dire adversity, to the end of suffering, but if we know how to act in a new direction, the adversities That scene has a positive effect on each individual.
Today, let us come to the positive side of adversity - an indispensable part of this life. Let's get started!
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#first. Is Adversity As Scary As You Think?

There will be a time in your life when you feel like the world is turning your back on you. The pressures piled up, weighed on the shoulders, and the continued loss of pain seemed to wear out.
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But at this moment, how do you feel? Everything is fine and this life is still beautiful, isn't it? Of course, no pain will follow me all my life, all difficulties will pass ...
We need to be frank with each other that risky misfortune will leave no one. Me and you, everyone - including great ones have days of extreme suffering, languishing with persistent despair in their minds.
Picasso was once an impoverished painter. His paintings are not appreciated by people and are often in a state of sluggishness.
Harland Sanders - the creator of the legendary KFC fried chicken, has been eating with bitter humiliation for most of his life, and even when he turned 65, he had attempted suicide.
Well, what I want to emphasize is that this life is really hard to grasp. You cannot predict what is about to happen to you: happiness or suffering.
The only thing, and also the best thing we can do, is to be ready at all times to face adversity - the misleading tricks that life suddenly challenges.
It is difficult, but do not forget that once you overcome adversity, you will be much stronger. It is inevitable that we will receive great lessons, valuable experiences to be more stable in the future!
So, get rid of the fear dwelling in your soul and challenge all the pain!

#2. How to face adversity?

Stepping through adversity is very respectable, but it will be even more wonderful if you choose to face and turn those accumulated difficulties into a stepping stone to really shine.
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You know, under the pressure of circumstances, we must have our own ways out. And it is surprising that breakthrough ideas flourish in the harshest of reality.
Picasso decided to fight. ” The last gamble ”Of his life. He spent all the meager left, hiring students to ask around the art shops in the city: " Do you sell Picasso paintings here?It is this unique buyer approach that has made this reputation and the brilliant success of this talented, resourceful artist.
What about Harland? It was at the moment of deciding to end his life that he recalled all the details of his life and believed that he could do more than that.
Today through the KFC logo, the image of an elegant old man with a white tie has brought real lessons worth pondering ...
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Why not consider adversity an opportunity for us to challenge ourselves! There is nothing left to lose, do not hesitate to burn with extraordinary immortal efforts, bold innovation ideas, from which stand up to start everything over in a new and smarter way.
We are all heroes in the story of our life. Be the stars twinkling in the sky, even if it is a dark night sky. Be strong and change your circumstances and write down your own future!
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Do you know the story of eggs and carrots? Under the same impact: through the boiling hot water, but the fragile eggs become hard. In contrast, hard carrots are so hard, water becomes soft again.
Which of these is your choice today? All is your decision!

# 3. Epilogue

Hopefully the above article will change your perspective somewhat about painful, tortuous adversities. Wishing you strong and steady on the road to success!
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Love !
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