Alexa rank its importance 5 ways to increase rankings

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Alexa rank matters - Alexa Internet was founded in 1996 by Brewster Kahle and Bruce Gilliat. It is a tribute given to the Library of Alexandria by the company. Alexa is an company that provides the Alexa ranking toolbar plugin. Alexa ranks website traffic history and is very strong. It gathers traffic information from the Alexa toolbar and it also looks at different traffic modes. It is completely based on page views, few users and three months of history. Many other features were added when the Alexa website underwent major redesign. New features have been introduced to compete with other services, such as and Quantcast.

Alex Alexa's knowledge store is a complete package. Its toolbar is efficient and the websiter is selective. If your website can create the right amount of traffic history - you can solve the mystery. As readers increase, your stress level decreases.

Importance of Alexa ranking

Alexa ranking is the most important factor to legitimize ad space on your website. Apart from Moz DA, every websiter likes to rank well Alexa. The better your Alexa rankings are, the more traffic will generate. Alexa rankings can range from one to one billion based on the number of websites available. Traffic information is based on a toolbar covered by Alexa data. It can be a very competitive and intelligent tool for webmasters. Alexa provides a list of the top 500 websites as well as free search terms that report traffic updated monthly. You can use our free website evaluation tool and SEO - SEO Robotics checks website's Alexa rankings and other important factors. Feydakin, the website administrator, said Alex's ranking was determined by Alexa toolbar users. So only those people can contribute to the rankings of any website. If you have a website that doesn't attract the type of people who will install the Alexa toolbar, then you will never have a good Alexa ranking.


Five useful methods to increase Alexa rankings

The more traffic your site generates, the higher the rankings.

Download the Alexa Toolbar

The way to use Alexa is to download the toolbar. Toolbar is available at This toolbar will track your website statistics in the best possible way. It is a very effective measure for your website when visitors access your website from the browser with the Alexa toolbar.

Write often

The better your website content, the more readers will like it. It will also attract good traffic and your Alexa ranking will skyrocket. If you are new to website writing, you need to regularly post at least 2 websites / day to keep your website exist.

Advertise your website on social networking sites

People will know about your website. That will help increase rankings. Imagine this is the seed, it will help your website grow.

Your website is like your second home. Just as you are a host and hospitable to your guests, the same is true for your website. A great way to boost Alexa rankings is to write guest posts. Your Alexa rank will increase to a much higher level if you build back links and your readership will increase very high.

Alexa gadget

Your ranking will increase if you have the Alexa gadget on your website - it improves your reputation. Wondering how you would do that? Very simple. Just register your website at and paste the code into the source code of your website.

More internet traffic than you ever imagined

Do it easily and don't feel nauseous because Google's images are here to make you feel comfortable. You will not cross the line with few variables that make you sleep well. Put your website in the top three searches after which you will not have much more prompting. Traffic will come to your website but do not take your website lightly.

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