Analyze the Soul and new generals in 9.24 Arena of Truth

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Analyze and guide how to use the new Soul System and new generals in version 9.24 Arena of the Legs.
So the 9.24 update of the Arena of Truth has officially appeared on the server of Vietnam in the past few days. In this update, with the presence of 3 new generals, along with the Spirit system, the Meta game will probably change a lot, so we can learn and analyze together.
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I. New Chess and new Soul system

Soul System (2 champions to activate). The first Hero of the Soul system after death will return to spirit form, cannot be assigned and continue to attack until the remaining Hero dies.

#first. General Senna

  • Price: 2 gold
  • Element : Dark
  • System : Soul
  • Transcendental Darkness: Senna fires a bolt of darkness through all units on the chessboard to the farthest allied champion, dealing enemies 50/100/150 magic damage and dealing 25/45/75 magic damage per attack. of allies for 5 seconds.
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#2. General Lucian

  • Price: 4 gold
  • Element : Light
  • System : Soul
  • Purge skill: Perform 10 + (2 * number of basic attacks per second) attack in a given direction for 4 seconds, each bullet dealing 25/30/50% of attack damage, 40/50/100 magic damage and Set attack effect.
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# 3. General Amumu

  • Price: 5 gold
  • Element : Fire
  • System : Guardian
  • Melancholy Mummy Skill: Launches an explosion, dealing 150/250/1337 Magic Damage to all opponents within 2/3/4 cells and stunning the target for 2 seconds.
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II. Analyze the power and usage of new champions

It is easy to see that the Soul System will certainly be a strong system, much used from this version with a unique passive and 2 champions. Lucian and Senna quite strong:
  • Lucian can become the main source of damage in the lineup when there are items associated with the immortal passive of the Soul system. Items suitable for Lucian are hit effects such as Power Knife, Giant Kill, Red Charm, Break Sword, Silent Knife because with the ability to perform multiple attacks when activating the skill, these items will maximize multi-effect.
  • Besides that, Senna will have the function to both deal magic damage, buff both allies and tanks to maintain the Spirit's intrinsic system for as long as possible. Items suitable for Senna will be the effect effect items combined with resistance such as Demon Book Morello, Crossbow Lightning, Warmog Blood Armor, Hextech Gun Sword, ...
The elements that combine with the appropriate Soul system are Light and Dark:
  • Combined with the element Light In order to maximize Lucian's attack speed and healing, this hero can both deal damage and resist well.
  • Combined with the element of Darkness, Senna's ability to increase damage to allies will be fully utilized, your squad will have much stronger Burst damage.
Soul squads that can be activated are 9 Light + 2 Soul and 6 Darkness + 2 Souls + 3 Summon (or 3 Rage Wars)
Amumu is a new 5 gold champion, so power and value are undisputed. With a wide area of ​​damage skill and stun ability, this champion will be extremely suitable when traveling with the element of Fire, capable of becoming the main carry when activating the entire clan.
Items suitable for Amumu are quite diverse but the most suitable will be the effect effects, energy boost and a little bit of resistance like Devil's Letter Morello, Ambassador's Scepter, Warmog's Armor, Crossbow of Lightning, Heart of Ice, ...
The constantly changing meta game creates the balance of the True Gladiator Arena but requires the player to adapt. Hopefully you will find many suitable squads with this update to effectively climb the ranks.
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