Apple is about to launch Chromium core Safari for Windows?

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Safari - a web browser has been traveling for years with Apple's macOs and iOS devices, even if you don't use these two operating systems, you should know about this browser. Because it is so famous on Apple devices already 😀
It must be said that Safari is really great, even a user who loves Windows 10, loves Google Chrome as much as I liked Safari right from the first contact and use on a MacBook Pro computer.
Previously, in addition to Safari on both platforms iOs and macOs, it also has a version for Windows, but used quite a banana and actually Apple has stopped growing for a long time so you no longer have the opportunity to use again.
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The true rumors about Apple launching Safari Chromium?

Specifically, recently there was a leak about the Chromium version of Safari browser for Windows 10 on Monorail - a tracking tool for developers about Chromium-related projects.
And as you can see, Chromium open source as well as Google Chrome web browser are gradually taking over and dominating the web browser market worldwide.
A prime example is that the two browsers are not very promising Microsoft Edge old on Windows 10 and the browser respects privacy Brave while using other source code, but since moving to open source Chromium, the result is how everyone knows it right!
Although Microsoft Edge Chromium has just debuted, it has a large number of users, becoming competitors with Google Chrome, and now it seems that Apple's Safari will also follow the two browsers above?
The rumors of Apple Chromium Safari version probably because Apple recently reminded smartly, inviting Chromium developers to activate a feature called Intelligent Tracking Prevention in the upcoming Chromium update on the page. Monorail.
A photo of Apple's post on this page, can be seen in the attached image is a photo of Safari Chromium that seems to be complete and running on Windows 10, the image is a bit blurry, please understand!

safari-loi-chromium (1)
Click on image to enlarge photo

But after only a few hours of posting, this post was deleted, but fortunately I got the photo in the attachment of the article. This picture shows the browser Safari is running on Windows 10 with a fairly complete interface.
safari-loi-chromium (2)
Is this a tasting phase of the Apple? It's still unclear why Apple wants to release Safari Chromium for Windows, but it seems that Apple has realized Safari's potential in the Windows browser arena.
This is understandable, having a pure version of Safari for Windows is something that I and many other users want.
Moreover, it is not accidental that Apple chose the Chromium source code for its Safari, but for many other reasons as well:
  • Chromium is equipped with a simple, good-looking interface.
  • Chromium does not take up a lot of system resources, processing speed is extremely fast and stable.
  • Chromium is owned by Codec copyrights like Vorbis, Theora, VP9, ​​etc.
  • 100% compatible with products from its own father - Google.
That is the information that I have as well as my own personal thoughts on this issue. If this is true, raise your hands and feet in support of Apple's new Safari browser. How about you? Leave your reviews and comments below in the comments section of this article!
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