Best SEO tactic for high Google rankings


Best SEO tactic for high Google rankings - Website optimization is a simple task. The goal is to keep up with the changes and add your own unique pieces.

If you're working to make your mark on the Internet, you probably want people to see and read content. Of course, if it was easier to do than people would do and it would be a meaningless game. There are many players in this field, and today only the smartest tool optimizers and the best content writers are at the top of the game and rank high on the SERP.

A few tricks that worked yesterday and getting your page to the top will end with a serious penalty today. You will have to be smart about your approach.

Google doesn't just put SEO into the page when ranking articles; It looks at backlinks, domain authority and communication signals, to name a few factors.

The existing good SEO strategies that have been tested include simple technical aspects and have been addressed by individuals who have successfully ranked their pages.

Today, we'll share tactics to get your page somewhere on SERP’s. There are some basic ones that you already know and which are more advanced.

Keyword research is the key

This may seem obvious, but keyword research is important, at least that hasn't changed. But the way we do keyword research and use results is very different, thanks to RankBrain's game-changing performance.

RankBrain is a learning machine that Google uses to put everything into context. But the new keyword tools will continue to work with Google developments and have results like keyword groups and Parent topics. From there users create relevant content.

You should put the target keywords in the article title, but don't cram! But analyze the content with keyword density checkers or tools like Google AdWords Keyword Planner and see which is best. Do a research and choose from less competitive.

You should use the main keyword in every 100 words or have a density of 1%. So if an article is 500 words long, it should repeat 5 times. Choose secondary keywords as well. The more you use it, the more tools it will love.

Insert keywords with rest and done.

Improve user engagement and user experience


Google's main focus is to encourage webmasters to have good experiences.

Experience is important because it provides user satisfaction and confidence to invest in the business. They have a lot of metrics to see how users interact with your site. But the biggest deciding factor is how much time they spend on your site.

So, determining the user's intent and optimizing your website to help him realize that intention is the main thing your site is based on. The goal is to arouse a positive emotion, helping the user get what he wants as quickly as possible and get him noticed.

We will show you a few ways to do so and you will find many well-established replication and UX practices.

Optimize for user intent instead of keywords

Keywords are still important, but the goal is to help users realize their intent. You must provide the content as promised in the title and meta description.

Use pyramid structure as opposed to your content


The reverse pyramid style is simply based on placing important information on the head.

In pyramid-like text, the most important and reliable information will be brought to the top and summarized in a short, rich passage. Then the most important details follow it and any general or other basic information goes to the bottom. This way, users get the most valuable information instantly and have a satisfying experience in seconds.

Make your writing more readable


They will not read the entire article from beginning to end; they scan pages for information by using the F-format. Using a better format makes it easier for documents to scan, to make it easier for them to get what they have and increase interaction rates.

  • Use Bullet Points - When you have a lot of points and data to cover, spread them into bullet points instead of packing them into one paragraph.

  • Shorter paragraphs and sentences - The longer a sentence or a paragraph is, the harder it is to track it on the screen, so divide long sentences and paragraphs into much shorter paragraphs. Make a paragraph of 2-4 sentences at most.

  • Subheadings (H2) - The most effective way to make documents easier to scan is to split them into subheadings as possible. Will make the information much easier to look over. Also pay attention to how you structure a specific article or post, to make it more comprehensive.

  • Bridges - They maintain the interest of users and make them stay on your site longer.

Use good photos

Having high quality images such as graphics, infographics, graphs and images in posts is a great way to make them more appealing. They also help to visualize more complex ideas and information and make it easier to consume.

Page speed


The loading speed of the pages is a key component of the good experience. Faster page speeds always provide better results in both rankings and conversion rates.

Speed ​​is a factor that their algorithm chooses to rank.

Link building

Having quality backlinks is the top ranking factor. If you don't know about creating links, but what kind of links is appropriate for your page to increase visibility. Links do not have the same value. They must be relevant to your field and they should be links that require actual editorial review of people.

Create a blog

You should not create a separate website or blog just to give yourself a backlink then continue. That would be a waste of time. Instead, publish some content on that blog and it will eventually earn some rights. When that happens, you use it for its good back links.


Some companies build trust by allowing you to say a few words about the experience you have with their products.

This creates a mutually beneficial situation because the business will have a plus rating and you get an additional link and some traffic.

Request a backlink

Asking something you want is a simple way to really get it. The same thing applies to backlinks. Asking them is a good way. Think about anyone you know and ask them. But make sure it is a website that is relevant to your website.

Ask them to give you links in content instead of links in their sidebar or footer, because 80% of users focus on the content of the site.

List your website in trusted directories


Online directories are similar to contacts. They are websites where users find pages related to a certain industry. The worthless directories were eventually indexed by Google but you will also find lots of reliable directories.

The directory that provides useful information for both you and your users is a directory you should have your page listed on. You should find the relevant directories. This will help you get indexed by the tools and makes it easier to find you.

Make your site responsive


Targeting mobile users will help you increase searches a lot because the number of mobile users has increased 5-fold over the years. It is estimated that about 75% of mobile online searches will be by 2020. That sounds quite legal if you think even your grandmother has a smartphone.

Providing the same high-quality experience to the mobile users you give to your computer is of utmost importance since the first mobile index of Google was implemented. In addition, everyone sees that mobile technology dominating the Internet is no longer the future, it is happening now.

Creative Babe's website is a prime example of a responsive mobile site that works. If you are not optimizing your website for mobile devices, you should do that right away.

Website optimized for mobile devices will benefit placement in the SERP and improve conversion rates. About 50% of mobile searches lead to purchases for a number of reasons.

Mobile index first


Google simply wants search results to benefit the majority of users and that is mobile search.

Until now, Google has reviewed the web and analyzed it from a desktop and mobile perspective as secondary. That is about to change when Google has a few months to release the first index on mobile.


Optimal tools change every year and even monthly. People investing in their web presence must adapt quickly. The biggest change is SEO - the first mobile index to do webmasters optimized for mobile devices.

This game is not an easy game with its constantly changing, but there are some timeless practices that underlie good online experience and you rely on. Creating good content, the basic principles of copying and the ability to engage the audience are the most important factors. But your page load speed and UX should not be ignored.

Of course, backlinks will not fall outside the top deciding factors, so it is best to put some work to gather some solid links. If you are interested in some great link building strategies, you can start with "Moving Man Method".

We hope that you enjoyed reading through this article and you're ready to rank your site!

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