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Best WordPress SEO plugin for higher rankings - Having a great WordPress website takes time and effort. You have to come up with interesting content that people will be interested in. Your website also needs to be beautiful to attract these visitors. We talked about plugins that can help you achieve this, but this time, we'll focus on getting people to your website.

Generating traffic is a very important part of having a website, no matter what you post there; You will want people to find it. This is where Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO comes into operation. In simple words, with SEO, you're telling Google what your website is about. Most people searching for words or phrases on their favorite search engine choose the top three results.

To help your website get a better rating, you will have to optimize it. There are many ways you can do this, for example you can enter certain keywords into the title or the post itself. Editing the meta information shown to people searching for keywords is also important and should be on your priority list.

When it comes to WordPress SEO, you can download certain plugins that will do this for you. There are many options and you can get stuck if you do not get the help you need. Thankfully, you are about to read a list of the best plugins on the market, so the right choice is children's games.

SEO all-in-one package


Not only does this plugin allow you to easily change the title and description of your website to be displayed in Google search, but you can also add new keywords and descriptions to each post.

Functions like editing any post, regardless of when you upload it, are among many reasons why so many people choose this plugin when optimizing their content for SEO. If you go to the Posts page, you will see that you have a new option unlocked. In each post, you can change the information displayed to the search engines as well as people searching for specific keywords. This will help you build your brand as well as many visitors will consider what you are offering everyday.

You can pay for certain locked features, such as Video Sitemaps, access to premium support and the learning center, containing various video tutorials on how to set up. plugin. For $ 79, you get access to the premium version, and you can take advantage of all the additional settings and offers.

Advantages: There are many great options that can really help you optimize your website and get more visitors every day. Not many plugins offer this custom type.

Defect: The setup process can be a bit complicated for people with no SEO experience. You also need to buy a Pro membership if you want to watch instructional videos or if you want customer support.

SEO fast


Yoast SEO is the gold standard when it comes to Search Engine Optimization in WordPress. Not only is it free, but it also contains all the functions and tools you will need to increase your website traffic. This is exactly why it now has more than one million active installs with millions of downloads worldwide.

This plugin is so popular that everyone from developers and small business owners, to small bloggers. Not only is it very easy to use, but at the same time, you will get all the necessary help you need.

In the new post you are creating, you will see the Yoast interface, which contains a lot of features. For example, in the Snippet Editor, you can see what your post will look like in Google. You can enter specific keywords to be in bold; This is a very important step

In addition, the red and green lights will show how the article is actually optimized. You can change your tactics according to these tips and this will ensure that you get the audience you deserve.

Page Analysis Pages provide insight into everything you may lack in the article or page. The red and green lights will show how the article is really optimized. This will help you get the best results; You just need to follow the instructions shown in red. When you fix these, your post will be perfectly optimized and you will get more visitors for that particular post.

This plugin also has a great support team behind it, who is working hard to answer all the questions and solve all the problems their users encounter. Unfortunately, you need to pay for this service. The price for Yoast SEO Premium is as follows: $ 69 for the website, $ 129 for up to 5 websites, and $ 249 for 20 websites. You also have larger packages, up to 200 websites.

Advantages: This is one of the most downloaded plugins and many are very pleased with what it has to offer. Being able to easily and automatically optimize your pages and websites is why this plugin is considered to be the best.

Defect: Some functions, such as the Navigation Module are only premium. You need to pay a certain amount, depending on how many websites you want to use the plugin on. You also get access to a support team, who can answer any questions you may have.

SEO friendly images


There are many other types of WordPress websites, where admins upload a lot of images for each post. This is a very good decision, because you are giving your audience something to watch while they are reading the article. Unfortunately, what many people forget is that Google and other search engines, such as Yahoo, can't read images. They won't know what's on that particular image.

This is why you need to name them as well as add alt tags and descriptions for each type. You can do this when you are uploading a new image, under image properties. Now, you might be wondering: Do I have to go back and do this for every image I've uploaded ?! The answer is no, because you don't, because SEO friendly images are here to help you.

What this plugin allows you to do is to enter a title and description that will be applied to all images you've uploaded. This will help your images get a better rating on the search engines, thus giving you more visitors. Now it's just a very simple plugin installation, but there's no confusing options either.

If you leave the plugin's default setting, the image will be called according to the title of the post as well as the name of the original selected image. This can be changed to whatever you want and it can easily be used.

Advantages: This plugin will allow you to change all images easily without having to go through them one by one. This not only saves you a lot of time but also a lot of effort. The best part about it is that it's free and very simple, so everyone can use it, regardless of their social status.

Defect: What most people don't like about this plugin is that it's very simple. There are no advanced settings and there are few things you can do with it.


There you have it, three plugins will make your life much easier. The popularity of your website will skyrocket and many people will have access to the great content you upload. Being able to show the World what you have created is a very good thing and is the dream of any serious blogger or website owner.

Choose the plugin you like best, depending on the level of enhancement you want, as well as the other events listed. Regardless of which plugin you choose, be sure to check out all the features, and if you need help, find instructions on the Internet. You don't want to play around with settings you don't understand, because you can do more harm than good. Choose carefully and your website and article will be popular soon.

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