Brief Overview of the Development of Marketing


Brief overview of the development of marketing - We are all aware of the importance of marketing in today's world. A successful marketing campaign will not only determine which products are selling better; It can do more than that. It could (and did) decide on the next president of the most influential nation in the world.

The old people have a saying, there is a good product, and it will sell itself no longer true. Today, many people have good marketing ability, and you hardly need a product. Maybe a lot - Marketing is not good, and no matter how good your product is, you are still being fooled: But not always.

Marketing is about highlighting their products, trying to beat your competitors and getting you to buy from them. But, in this day and age, marketing is a business of its own - the adults at the universities, they dedicate their lives to trying to improve it and make millions of dollars doing it. so. Both for themselves, and for the products they are trying to sell. Now, we'll take a look at marketing history, show you how it all started, how quickly it grew, where it is now and where it will go in the future.

Post-industrial world - Where it all started


The post-industrial world opens up new and competitive markets. The manufacturing industry has grown rapidly, and this leads to more products available to the average person. Because regular workers can buy more things, companies want to convince them how their product is the best. However, marketing really had to wait until the 1960s - before, sellers still believed how a good product would sell itself.

In the 1960s, major brands dominated the industry. They marketed, but its sole purpose was to further strengthen their monopoly. In branches where there is a big brand, all other potential competitors are not allowed to participate in the race. And it's not about quality monopoly that allows big brands to sell lower quality products at better prices. All this had to change, and it did.

Mass production


Things began to improve in the 80s. Technology and industry reached a new height after five years, and completely new manufacturers began flooding all areas of the market. This led to a healthy competition, and soon sellers started looking for new ways to promote their products.

This leads them straight to asking their customers. Suddenly, manufacturers began to care about their customers' opinions, and not just because of their money. However, it is not all great. Competition forces manufacturers to reduce the quality of their products, to keep costs and prices low. Sellers are encouraged to only sell and sell more, regardless of whether you meet your goals or whether you have gone.

Quality change

The '90s took things a little further in the right direction. Manufacturers and sellers have realized that consumers want quality and if you give them a good product, they are willing to pay more. In addition, new trends arose - people began to care about the environment, social concerns and similar agendas.

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The products are part of a new era, promoting some good health values. Marketers saw opportunity and participated in the flow - Comprehensive marketing was born. Products began to promote charity, donations, and participation in social activities. Eco-friendly products are increasingly popular and people are even willing to pay more just to get a better product for the environment. Fake or not, this marketing has worked, and it really helped collect huge amounts of money.

The 21 st century

The Internet developed in the 1990s, but in the new century, it became much more popular and faster. This provides a way for smaller, original manufacturers to come directly to their customers. New brands arise and a new type of brand - brands start telling their stories, letting buyers and their customers contact and identify themselves. Brands are just starting to take care of their customers and are really curious about customer feedback and feedback.

Customer experience becomes an essential part of the whole process. Customers will not only buy products; They will buy the whole story behind it. Moreover, by being closely associated with the brand, people will start recommending it to their friends and family.

Online era


Today, everything is online. With modern Internet tools, marketers have more insight on customer behavior than ever before. By collecting and analyzing traffic data, marketers can adjust their strategies, directly hitting their target audience.

In addition, because each market is flooded, marketing campaigns try to be more relevant, targeting smaller, more specific customer groups. Today, it would be much better to have a smaller army of sects, promoting your high-quality (and more expensive) product whenever they could rather than have a solution. General, low cost to the masses, there is no reputation

In the 1990s and early 2000s, a website was just a place where companies would leave some basic information, allowing you to contact them in another way. But, as the Internet grew, everything changed.

Today, you will not find a common website; No one wants to gamble with their reputation. Even smaller companies have flashy websites. People are trying to tell you what their own personal story about those people is when it all starts on Google pages. Our Vision, our Page will show you businesses that are created not for money (yes, yes) but for some higher goals that will benefit all humanity. And each page about us, our site will tell you how interesting and unique the team in that particular company is, unlike anyone else in the world.

New stuff


The Internet also emphasizes new marketing areas, for example, Search Engine Optimization. You may have the most beautiful websites and the most interesting products, but if your customers cannot find you in the sea of ​​similar websites, you're done. People start browsing the Internet in search engines (Google), so it's important to know how they work. SEO appeared almost overnight, and the game of cats and dogs began. SEO experts are constantly trying to find new ways to get their website listed on higher search results, so people from Google try to invent and implement new rules to keep the results. Honest and ethical search.

Website is a form of advertising on the internet. They used to be simple diaries, but now they are much more than that. Companies use websites to share information with their customers, allowing them to reach the top of their favorite product world. They are used to create brand awareness, improve customer experience and generate leads.

And finally, social media - this is a great way to target customers directly. What's more, social media giants like Facebook have their own marketing tools that allow you to target specific demographic groups - by gender, age, location, even interest. political points. Marketers are seeing the potential of social media access, and are spending more time and investing more money in this affiliate.

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Nobody can say for sure where marketing will go in the future, but there are some clear signs. First, mobile: Mobile browsers have surpassed desktop browsers two years ago and this trend won't stop soon. Marketers are adopting a mobile browser and will continue in the future.

Marketing has changed a lot in the last 70 years. Before that, all were the same. But, as the industry began to boom, and new brands flooded the market, everything changed, in a very short period of time.

But the real breakthrough came with the development of the Internet. Online marketing has taken the entire branch to a new level. In the past, marketers were viewed from above by other economists as a lesser type. The Internet has changed all of these marketing activities to become more important than ever and it is growing day by day, blending into the new IT era.

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