Choose Linux or Windows web hosting service

Choose Linux or Windows web hosting service - When comparing Linux with Windows as a hosting service, the operating system must be distinguished from the hosting service. When looking for a server, choose from operating systems.Linux is an open source Unix and Windows software owned by Microsoft.

Linux vs Windows web hosting

Server access and security

Access your server using standard FTP (File Transfer Protocol) with both Linux and Windows. However, if security is an issue when transferring files from a computer to a web server, then a more secure SSH or Telnet SSH service works best on Linux.

Installing SSH on Windows is not simple and it runs slower than on Linux-based servers. The hosting service will have Telnet or SSH on Windows. Most agree that Windows servers are more vulnerable, regardless of the storage service's security. If that is poor, then it will make very little difference with Linux with Windows.

Technology supported

When comparing Linux with Windows, make sure the service has technology support to run the website. Here are options for such technologies:

PHP (PHP: Hypertext processor)


PHP is developed for Linux and the purpose is to create scripts directly from HTML on websites. For example, it is used to run CGI scripts from PHP coding embedded in HTML. PHP needs to interact with the MySQL database. Without PHP, websites will lose a lot of speed and functionality.

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PHP is designed to work with Linux and while it has been adapted for Windows, runs slower and tends to be more buggy. The acronym LAMP is a combination of technologies that tend to be used together: Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. The WAMP collection, with Windows instead of Linux, is the least used because it is slower and more buggy than the LAMP combination.

Windows technology


FrontPage, ASP and .NET framework website designers are Microsoft's developments that won't run on Linux. If you use FrontPage offline to design and it will solve on websites hosted on Linux. When you rely heavily on these things, you are limited to using Windows. Instead of using ASP, choose PHP to achieve the same thing and another server-side script used as ColdFusion will work on each server type.

Database technology: MySQL or Access?

The most commonly used database is MySQL running on both Linux and Windows hosting services, you will find it most popular on Linux. Microsoft Access is available for Windows hosting services. Access is generally slower than MySQL, although it is easier to customize. However, the fact that a web developer usually never uses Access on MySQL unless there's a reason to do so.

MySQL is stronger than Access and helps more concurrent users. If you want to email database content continuously, then Access is ideal for this, only works from a single file. If you are choosing a business web server, where Windows works a bit slower than Linux, is with large amounts of data.

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When considering Linux with Windows, the above difference is usually unrelated to system users unless large amounts of data are being processed quickly from large databases. Other technical features are very similar between the two services.

Personal expenses and preferences! If cost is important, then you will find a less expensive service, although it depends on the service company. If you are familiar with Windows and want to use Windows storage, then chances are you'll fit it.

Every Linux user will never change to Windows and vice versa. As such, each has a function that is accepted from an individual perspective. However, businesses tend to choose Linux because of the speed and ability to handle multiple users. Linux security is also better, making it more attractive.