Delete unused photos in Wordpress quickly

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Delete unused images in WordPress quickly - Hello! Hello everyone is free today, go to the Web directory to see the capacity is so terrible is to find out the cause? After a while of searching, I saw a lot of "unknown files" image files created, so I was wandering around the top optimization of WordPress library when I accidentally found a plugin to delete redundant images and unused images in WordPress is quite effective so this article was born.

As you know the default WordPress when you upload photos will automatically generate a lot of image size, which images are very beneficial to display on different devices? ie when you use a large computer image will be displayed, using the phone, the small image will be taken and displayed ... help your Web page load faster? However, creating many image sizes will make your storage space "bloated".

Delete unused images in WordPress

However, most web interfaces currently support Responsive, that is, responsive interface. With this design your images will automatically recognize and display on the device correctly, so removing unnecessary images is what you need to do to ensure the Web works properly. best way.

With the Media Cleaner Plugin it will clean your library of unused files (not included in the article) as well as corrupted files.

Note: Deleting files will not be recoverable, so you should back up the data before using this Plugin in case of mistaken deletion can be restored.

If you don't want to save your data beforehand, you can use the tip below by adding a code snippet and a file wp-config.php, save it under the
define (‘MEDIA_TRASH’, true);

It will help you when deleting will be put in the area called "Trash".

How to use Media Cleaner

First you need to install the plugin named Media Cleaner (This plugin is rated by the community as the best with 4.5 stars with over 20,000 downloads) (if you do not know how to install the Plugin for WordPress, you can refer to the article on how to install the Plugin for WordPress). After installation is complete, activate the Plugin and configure it to use.

The free version allows you to scan all images in the library and delete unused images. You can upgrade to use the Pro version with many features such as deleting the system files or the avatar created ...

First you go to Menu Library select> Cleaner to use it.

Delete unused images in WordPress
Delete unused images in WordPress

Now you will see the warning when using the Plugin, for example, to back up data or perform to save the deleted file to the trash as instructed above ... it is important that you do not blame the lost data ... Ha Ha ...

delete file without wordpress library 3

Press the button Start Scan to start scanning unused images.

delete file without wordpress library 1

Depending on the number of images you have on the server, the scan may take a long time or quickly. After the scan is complete, it will display a list of images not used in the article and you can delete, by clicking the button. Delete All to delete or select each image and delete.

delete file without wordpress library 2

Okey! Simple to use, it can help you prevent dozens of unused data (with me from more than 7,000 photos to more than 3 thousand photos, an impressive number, isn't it).

In addition, you can learn how to change thumbnails images when changing WordPress themes to better display the new interface and optimize unused thumbnails in WordPress!


Optimizing the Web is one thing you need to do to ensure the Web works properly, and the job of deleting redundant files and errors in your WordPress library is essential to freeing up storage space. The most effective way.

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