Downloading photos and videos on Instagram is extremely simple

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Instagram: an extremely popular free photo sharing social network, but probably all of us are using or at least heard of friends talking about it, right now, and now Instagram belongs to owned by Facebook.
If I remember correctly, on the blog, there was a tutorial on how to delete your Instagram account, so please find and review if necessary.
And if you want to download all of what you have on your Instagram account: Photos, Videos, Stories, etc. before deleting it permanently or on anyone's account - a celebrity, for example - then don't lo, the Raider software I'm about to introduce below will help you get it done!
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I. Software that supports downloading Videos, photos, stories on Instagram (on computers)

#first. Introducing and installing Raider software

This is simply a software that helps you download things like Story, photos, videos and highlights on any Instagram account you want.
Just you know username of that account is fine, especially not only download the content of any account but it also loads private accounts too!
Raider is completely free software and can only be used on Windows 10 64-bit version, 2 operating systems Linux and macOs may also have but currently I do not have specific information from the publisher.
You might be looking for: What are Windows 32bit and 64bit? And how is it different?
This software has 2 versions: Setup (Setup) and Portable Software (version without installation), you can visit the website below and scroll down to select the version.
For the Portable version, you just need to extract the .ZIP file of Raider => and run the file .EXE is ok, and if you use the installer, run the file Raider.Setup.1.5.1.exe to perform the installation!
Download the latest software here: Link from home page !
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As for the installation, it could not be simpler anymore, you just press Next continuity is okay. After installation, leave the tick and press Finish to always run the software after installation.
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#2. How to use Raider software

The image below is the main interface of the software, the usage is very simple:
  • Please enter the username (username) of the account you want to download photos, videos of things on it in the first box.
  • Click on the items IMAGES, VIDEOS... to select the type of file you want to download, separately HIGHLIGHT and STORIES you can only choose when you log into your Instagram account into this software.
  • By default, the software will download all that is in that account, to correct the amount, click MORE and enter the desired quantity, default is 0 - ie all.
For example, if you enter a quantity of 5, the software will only download the latest 5 videos, photos, highlights and stories. Enter the amount is complete, you press Close and press START to start downloading.
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Here, I will take the account of the actor I like - Ansel Elgort - as an example, because this guy posted a lot of photos, so I only download 5 to guide you guys: D.
After you press START then a pop-up will appear asking you to name the folder where it will save the downloaded images, videos, etc. You can click OK too, it will take the username of the account that name the folder.
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After downloading, there will be a notice showing the number of downloaded files, error loading, ....
Then you access the link C: users Downloads Raider to download downloaded photos, videos, etc. of the account you want. Remember to find the correct folder with the same username you want to download on Instagram.
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In addition, when you click on the user icon in the left corner of the main Raider interface, a list of the accounts that you have downloaded content on will appear so you can know exactly what account you have downloaded from. , quite useful, isn't it: D.
We can click on the account name in this list to access the folder containing photos and videos of that account after following the instructions below.
instagram-video-instagram (7)

Click the settings icon in the right corner of the main interface of the software, you can customize the path containing the file, how to name the downloaded file ... ... these things you can leave the default as well, or If you are not satisfied, you can reset it to your liking.
Please scroll down to the bottom, section Account Click Action you turn into USER FOLDER - this setting will give you direct access to that account's directory when clicking on the account name you mentioned above.
And to add an account is very simple, you click Add New Account, log in to your account in the Pop-up to appear. Two options HIGHLIGHT and STORIES will be available for you to select download.
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II. How to download videos and photos on Instagram (on phones)

For phones, you can use the following App:
+ On iOS (iPhone, iPad ...)
+ On Android
=> How to use: Log in to your Instagram account => find images to download => Then you click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the image => and select copy the URL.
Then you go to the application you have installed to download is done.

III. Some ways to download videos and other photos on Instagram

In addition to using the software that I have just guided in detail above, there are a number of online websites that also support this.
You can access the following websites:
  • ……………………………………………………….

IV. Epilogue

Basically, the job Download photos and videos on Instagram Raider software is quite easy and effective, right?
In my opinion, Raider is an extremely powerful and useful software, easy to use and helps you save a lot of time to download content on Instagram and completely free.
You see how this software, if found or do not forget to recommend it to your friends and everyone to use and evaluate this article. Good luck !
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