Evaluate the Plugin and how to use it for the online store


Evaluate the Plugin and how to use it for the online store -Exchange is a very new (and free) electronic plugin created by iTheme to sell goods through WordPress. We will show you how to use this plugin


Exchange is a plugin - just take it from the plugin repository and install it right from the control panel. Or download the zip file from the iTheme site and upload it by selecting Add New New in Plugins on the control panel, click upload and select zip.


Click the Settings button on the button in the notification bar at the top of the table. If you don't have the notification bar, go to Plugins> Installed Plugins and look for Exchange iTheme Exchange. To check that you have activated it, click on the Quick Settings link to install the wizard.


Just choose the payment method the store will use. Choose from offline, PayPal or Stripe. Make sure you have a PayPal or Stripe subscription using either of these options and to use Stripe has a mandatory add-on (but you buy this for an introductory price of just $ 10 - Will cost up to $ 97 If you choose to use offline payments, there is a section you can complete with the next payment instructions for the customer (such as where to send the payment). Then update your email notification address If you do not want to use the administrator email by default, select the type and save. You can add some information by clicking this menu item in Exchange.

The first tab includes your basic company information. Name, tax ID, primary email and address. You also choose the currency symbol, position and delimiter for your currency. Finally choose how you want users to register (select Exchange or by using the WordPress function).

On the second tab, customize the email you receive when selling, as well as the email customers receive as a receipt for their purchase. Using iTheme Exchange shortcode, you can add information such as customer name, purchase date or total purchase amount to email.

The third tab allows you to organize your online store the way you want. For different store-related pages (like store pages, customer sign-ups, baskets using shortcodes to embed relevant information into WordPress pages or disable completely, this is where you add the target. page titles and custom slugs.

More products

To add a product, go to Exchange> Add product

Give your product a name, price and description. You can upload as many product images as you like and upload digital files yourself (double check if Digital Download Add-on is enabled by navigating to Exchange> Add-ons) . There are also advanced options such as extended descriptions, categories, tags, specific product purchase announcements, availability dates or quantities and limits for each. Be sure of everything before putting your product.

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Create a coupon

With Exchange, you create coupons for your customers. Go to Exchange> Add-ons and add-ons that are enabled. Upon activation, the Coupons menu item will be found in the Exchange menu of the WordPress Dashboard. Now go to Exchange> Coupons. Name your coupon adding coupon codes (such as 10OFF or random), set the amount (such as 10 dollars or 10 percent) and add time. With coupons, you use them for multiple stages or sales, email campaigns or even keep gifts.


Navigate to Exchange> Payment, you will see each store's transaction here. To see who bought what, just hover over any one and click on the Payment details link online.

View customer information

On Payment Details i for the transaction, there is a link to customer data. It will display the customer's purchase history, a list of all deliveries and you will take notes about the customer (the payment information or the record of the coupons you have given them).

Report dashboard

Exchange also includes a dashboard widget to take a snapshot of how the store is doing. To enable gadgets, go to Exchange> Add-ons and activate the basic reporting console Utility.

And when you log into the website, you'll see a summary for today, this month and recent transactions. This is a quick way to see if a product is for sale.

Help & Documentation

For more information on Exchange features, click on the Help in the menu or view the great documentation on the iTheme page. It has all the features of Exchange with helpful images to give you a better idea of ​​how the plugin works.

Overall, this is a great plugin that you should check out and experience. But if you think about something Exchange is missing, just fill out the form on iTheme. They are open to suggestions and want some feedback!

Say what you think about Exchange or what a plugin suggestion is, in the comments below!

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