Free premium WordPress themes and plugins


Free premium WordPress themes and plugins - Have you ever considered trying premium WordPress themes and plugins for free? We are not talking about free themes that WordPress and many developers offer online, but premium themes provide great support, security, and functionality. Examples of such premium themes are Divi 2.0 (Elegant Themes) and Genesis (StudioPress)

You get more options, more customization, more functionality, more power, and the ability to make best use of your website using premium WordPress themes and plugins, just like you do with premium topics. Not so with most free themes. So why should everyone provide those premium themes for free?

Premium plugins are the same. Plugins like Code Canyon’s Essential Grid and Elegant Page Creator are well worth the money.

Sure, there are lots of really free themes that look great, but overall you won't get the support. Even the free themes provided by WordPress itself rely on a forum to solve any problems you have. Have you ever tried that? If you don't get an answer within minutes, your problem will be hidden among hundreds of others.

Why offer premium WordPress themes for free?


So if we agree premium premium WordPress themes and plugins are useful for many professional users, commercial businesses, and internet marketers, why should anyone buy a $ 69 + theme and then Get a free copy?

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You will find free content online today with Torrent systems, P2P file sharing websites, free downloads and bonuses for purchasing other items. Many people are downloading them without thinking why. Why are we offering this theme or plugin for free?

Have you ever heard of free lunch? When anything usually costly is provided to you for free, you will immediately doubt. This is why.

Issues related to free software


After downloading free software that often costs money, many people find many things happen to their computers, laptops, iPads, or even iPhones. Even if you have a good security system like Norton loaded, you may still encounter some of these issues:

  • Popup ads appear on your screen.

  • Occupy your default search engine on your browser - it may change to Ask or some other search engine. Whatever you do, you cannot return to your preferred default search engine.

  • Changes are made to your browser configuration file.

  • Promotional script is being uploaded to your program listing. They can trigger at any time to display ads on your screen.

  • Hidden links in the free version encryption.

  • Hide footer links.

  • Hidden codes to pass your traffic to them. You don't know anything about this until you see your traffic drop.

  • The code gives your website a little bit different PageRank.

  • The list goes on and on ...
So where do you often find free downloads can cause so much damage? Here are some common sources:

  • Torrent.

  • Other forms of peer-to-peer file sharing (P2P) services.

  • Website provides free software.

  • Facebook and Twitter
You can find ideas for attractive free themes and plugins. However, the final price you can pay may be many times higher than the dollar price of the software. It can cause you to lose traffic and significant income. Unfortunately, it is not easy to persuade people to return to your website once they have left.

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The solution is preventive. Do not download other free themes other than the developer's website. Never download often bundled themes or plugins without checking with the creator / developer that this is authorized. People who attach malware to free themes do not require permission!

There is nothing wrong with downloading premium WordPress themes and plugins for free if they are provided for trial or special offers from the developer's website. There are thousands of free themes available legally online, but if you are offered premium themes or premium free plugins, or at very low prices, check who will sell it first. If it is not a growing company then ignore it.