Google Disavow tool and how to use it


Google's Disavow tool and how to use it - First explain what the Disavow Tool is and how to use it to remove links to websites that are harmful to rankings.

The need for a Disavow tool?


Google lists individual websites, not entire domains or websites. One factor to rank Google for which pages on the site is the amount of other sites linking back to the page. Google reads each relevant link in the form of a vote supporting the website as a competent authority.

A major problem is that you have little control over the other sites linking back to you. You will get links from unrelated websites, or gambling and pornographic websites without your knowledge. These links will cause great damage to rankings in Google. There is nothing to prevent them from publishing a link to your other site.

While links from websites that are authority will help increase Google rankings, links from pages that are not related to the segment will be best ignored or will adversely affect rankings. the worst. If such links are from gambling websites, adults or even pornographic websites, they will result in the entire website being removed from the rankings or removed from Google.

The Google Disavow Links tool helps remove such backlinks and regains the old rankings. It sounds easy, but there are other aspects of the Disavow Tool you should know. First, how do you use it?

How to use the Disavow Links Tool


You should not use this tool until you believe that rankings have dropped due to backlinks from malicious pages. This tool is usually used by Google only when Google sends an ‘unnatural link alert’. You will not be notified of which links are considered "unnatural" and Google will expect you to find out for yourself.

Do not use the tool immediately if you want Google to sympathize. First, check where the backlinks come from. Register with Google Webmaster Tools and register website details. You will get a list of backlinks to the website from Google Webmaster Tools and the following services:

  • Ahrefs

  • Blekko

  • Google webmaster tools

  • Majestic SEO

  • Open the Explorer website
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Instructions for removing malicious links are identified


Identify links that do not match the needs. This will be from spam websites. After that, you should make efforts to remove them manually.

If you put links into Excel spreadsheets, you analyze them using ‘SEO for Excel’. This is a free tool.

Once you've analyzed the links and identified the links you feel will lose rankings, you must try to delete them. The first step is to contact each site via email and ask them to remove the link. For some, you add links to the website yourself, and to others they have published the articles you have written.

However, others have been added via a paid affiliate program that you joined or have used blast software to add links.

Request a review


Once you complete this process and remove the links manually, submit a Request for reconsideration with Google. You do it here:

Google employees will check the website, links themselves and will search for better quality links. Also important, they will record the request. When you have gone the farthest, choose the Disavow Tool.

Google will check for attempts to remove unrelated links, and when not done, Google's Disavow Tool will not work. Especially when you haven't received an ‘Unnatural Link Warning.’ Google doesn't like it when you rely on them to solve problems without first trying it yourself. So please delete these links yourself. Here's how:

If you have a Google account and you have registered with Google Webmaster Tools, you will find a drop-down list of registered websites. You enter the URL of the links which lead to the selected website and reject them.

You must then file a Reconsideration Request. The Disavow Links tool does not automatically send and Google takes 2-3 months to make changes to the incoming links. This tool also appears to help you not reject beneficial links.

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If you have been attacked by Google for bad links, choose the Disavow Tool. You will know when hacked because Google will send a notice about ‘unnatural links’. If you've lost rankings on algorithmic updates like Penguin, but the Disavow Tool is helpful or not. If yes, it will not be applied until the next Penguin update.

Use Google's Disavow Tool to disavow unwanted links, and use it with caution. It is not a frequently used tool, but only if you have to remove harmful links.

Online tools help you do this and also check each link by clicking the physical link. You should immediately reject any errors that return error 404. Any other links that appear suspicious should first be removed manually - email and request removal. Only when it fails, do you use Google's Disavow Tool.